Product Brands Element

The Product Brands Element is a simple Element to display WooCommerce Product Brands anywhere in your Layout.

This displays the all product brands and can be customized to suit.

How to create product brand element?

Step 1 – Please create, or choose the Column into which you want to add your element.

Step 2 – Select UDesign Product Brands Element from the Element List.

Step 3 – Configure the UDesign Product Brands Element to some place into your content.

Step 4 – After you finish your configuration, don’t forget to save all changes.

*Note: Before creating Product Brands Element, you have to add brands and enable product brand in Theme options.

This shows how to add product brands.

 If you want product brands, please go to Theme Options > Features > Product Brand and set Enable Product Brand toggle.

Element Style Options

Alignment: You can set alignment of product brands.

Typography: You can set typography.

Color, Hover Color: You can choose color and hover color.

Image Size: You can control brand image size.

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