Product Compare Element

A compare element is an important element of WooCommerce website. By using this element, you can compare products in product compare page.

For example, when you are gonna buy a hat, you can choose various kinds of hats and compare them with each others.

It must be compatible with eCommerce Related Plugins like WooCommerceYITH and so on. And it must provides accurate information and stunning styles as well.

How to create product compare element?

Step 1 β€“ Create, or choose the Column into which you want to add your element. Click on Add New Element.

Step 2 β€“ Select UDesign Product Compare Element from the Element List.

Step 3 β€“ Configure the UDesign Product Compare Element to some place into your content. And then, default compare will be shown with default layout. 

Step 4 β€“ After you finish your configuration, don’t forget to save all changes.

Element Style Options

Icon Size: You can control compare Icon size.

Colour and Hover Colour: You can control icon colour and hover colour.

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