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New Admin Page Layouts

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  • Dashboard Menu
  • Buy New license
  • Easy Optimize Wizard
  • Patcher
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Ease Use of Theme Options

Theme Option Shortcuts

UDesign support theme option shortcuts and make easy search enable in serveral hundreds of theme option by simple click.

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Customer Search Compatibility

UDesign solved compatibility with customer search plugin and search theme option by keywords is available now.

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New Niche Demos

We are constantly adding new demos, see below new demos. And don't forget, if you have any ideas for new demos, please let us know.

Minimized Display Condition Setting of Header Footer Popup Single Product Page Shop Page Cart Page Checkout Page Single Page Archive Page builder

UDesign minimized display condition settings popup's content on first saving of template builder and reduced complexity of display condition settings.

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CSS Stretch Layout

UDesign newly added CSS stretch layout option and section width configuration in section itself is available now even in boxed layout page.

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New Studio Blocks

UDesign added new 25 sales banner blocks to its huge studio block group and enhanced compatibility with mobile divices.

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Builder Option Image

Header Footer Popup Single Page Archive Page Builder Options

UDesign newly added template builder options to its toolbox and eash navigation to template builder option part is available now.

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List of UDesign 4.10.0 New Features, Improvements and Fixed

New Features

  • Blog 2 Demo
  • App Landing 2 Demo
  • 25 studio blocks that have most popular banner sizes in web pages
  • Buy new license link in dashboard page
  • Milestone functionality in theme option panel
  • Customizer search plugin to recommended plugins list
  • Mobile menu light skin option in theme option
  • Recommendation mode in optimize wizard
  • Alert to install Contact Form 7 plugin when importing contact form block from studio
  • Alert to install WPForm plugin when importing WPForm block from studio
  • Alert to install Alpus Elementor Flexbox Addon plugin when importing flexbox container nested elements such as slider, interactive banner, image accordion from studio
  • Alert to install WooCommerce plugin when importing blocks that include WooCommerce widgets from studio
  • Alert to active Nested Elements option when importing nested elements from studio
  • Settings button in elementor add section area to show quickly UDesign Template Builder settings such as Header, Footer, Popup settings
  • Popup animation out option in popup builder
  • Animating texts alignment option in Animated Texts widget
  • Switcher flexbox container nested element
  • Badge option in UDesign elementor icon list widget
  • Stretch section option in Elementor Section Layout tab
  • Stretch container option in Elementor Container UDesign Options tab


  • UDesign dashboard page's navigation layout
  • Popup animation in/out effect with button click event
  • Elementor preset colors working at block importing
  • Studio block preview image position in elementor editor
  • User-friendly display condition of UDesign templates in elementor editor
  • Renamed 'Layout Builder' as 'Page Layouts' in admin menu
  • Sticky header effect
  • Smart sticky header appears at the bottom of screen
  • Sticky search input box in studio block import popup
  • Allow 4 directions of elementor section element's margin dimension control
  • Scroll to top button position flexibility with add to cart sticky bottom bar
  • Yith WooCommerce Ajax Search Premium plugin compatibility
  • WordPress latest version compatibility
  • Slider columns layout before page loading in Alpus Flexbox Addon plugin


  • Minor style issues when menu is lazy loaded
  • MEC plugin installation status in demo import popup
  • Plugin multi-install in demo import popup
  • Cannot build templates with elementor before you save permalink manually after theme installation
  • Wrong megamenu width calculation when screen width becomes larger
  • Post comment form submit redirection without validation
  • PHP error in LearnPress courses page
  • Rollover title hover color in portfolio type
  • Single post vote link hover color in single post page
  • Build demo #2 revslide's button responsive
  • Footer post grid pagination appears in blog page of Blog 1 demo
  • Banner image looks blurry when min height option is set
  • Banner widget's button text hover effect not working in elementor preview
  • Banner widget's button border radius not working when button type is bubble
  • Wrong page layouts count in page layouts admin panel
  • Wrong banner content position when 'Wrap With' option is set as 'Container' or 'Container Fluid'
  • Appear animation not working when slider is translated in Alpus Nested Slider
  • Wrong column layouts before slider initialization when using Alpus Nested Slider
  • Elementor preset colors not working after importing a block from UDesign studio
  • Mobile menu direction not working in header builder preview
  • Image gallery item spacing not working when it is set as 0
  • Minor responsive style issues in comment form and related posts