UDesign Changelog

UDesign becomes more valuable with the release of each update, and you will receive all future updates for free.

Version 4.10.0

Added Blog 2 Demo. App Landing 2 Demo. 25 studio blocks that have most popular banner sizes in web pages. Buy new license link in dashboard page. Milestone functionality in theme option panel. Customizer search plugin to recommended plugins list. Mobile menu light skin option in theme option. Recommendation mode in optimize wizard. Alert to install Contact Form 7 plugin when importing contact form block from studio. Alert to install WPForm plugin when importing WPForm block from studio. Alert to install Alpus Elementor Flexbox Addon plugin when importing flexbox container nested elements such as slider, interactive banner, image accordion from studio. Alert to install WooCommerce plugin when importing blocks that include WooCommerce widgets from studio. Alert to active Nested Elements option when importing nested elements from studio. Settings button in elementor add section area to show quickly UDesign Template Builder settings such as Header, Footer, Popup settings. Popup animation out option in popup builder. Animating texts alignment option in Animated Texts widget. Highlight offset y option in Highlight widget. Limit line option in circle info widget. Switcher flexbox container nested element. Badge option in UDesign elementor icon list widget. Stretch section option in Elementor Section Layout tab. Stretch container option in Elementor Container UDesign Options tab. Helpful notifications for several options in theme option panel. Auto remove cache of menu when menu lazyload is active.

Updated UDesign dashboard page’s navigation layout. Popup animation in/out effect with button click event. Elementor preset colors working at block importing. Studio block preview image position in elementor editor. User-friendly display condition of UDesign templates in elementor editor. Renamed ‘Layout Builder’ as ‘Page Layouts’ in admin menu. Sticky header effect. Smart sticky header appears at the bottom of screen. Sticky search input box in studio block import popup. Allow 4 directions of elementor section element’s margin dimension control. Scroll to top button position flexibility with add to cart sticky bottom bar. Yith WooCommerce Ajax Search Premium plugin compatibility. WordPress latest version compatibility. The Events Calendar plugin latest version compatibility. Slider columns layout before page loading in Alpus Flexbox Addon plugin. Image box widget’s button size option as responsive control. Theme colors change working throughout your site after demo import. Twitter social icon. WooCommerce latest version compatibility.

Fixed Elementor editor skin in dark mode. MEC plugin installation status in demo import popup. Plugin multi-install in demo import popup. Cannot build templates with elementor before you save permalink manually after theme installation. Wrong megamenu width calculation when screen width becomes larger. Post comment form submit redirection without validation. PHP error in LearnPress courses page. Rollover title hover color in portfolio type. Single post vote link hover color in single post page. Build demo #2 revslide’s button responsive. Footer post grid pagination appears in blog page of Blog 1 demo. Banner image looks blurry when min height option is set. Banner widget’s button text hover effect not working in elementor preview. Banner widget’s button border radius not working when button type is bubble. Wrong circle info widget’s circle position when screen is resized. Wrong page layouts count in page layouts admin panel. Wrong banner content position when ‘Wrap With’ option is set as ‘Container’ or ‘Container Fluid.’ Appear animation not working when slider is translated in Alpus Nested Slider. Wrong column layouts before slider initialization when using Alpus Nested Slider. Elementor preset colors not working after importing a block from UDesign studio. Mobile menu direction not working in header builder preview. Image gallery item spacing not working when it is set as 0. Product thumbnails navigation not working in single product page when split task option is disabled in optimize wizard. Product compare page not found after demo import. Product type builder’s compare button icon when product is added or removed from compare list. Mobile icons bar selective refresh not working in theme option panel. Header layout broken after business consulting 2 demo import. Header layout broken after business consulting 5 demo import. Episodes category section broken after podcast demo import. Minor style issues when menu is lazy loaded. Minor responsive style issues in comment form and related posts. Minor style issues in WooCommerce subpages.

Version 4.9

Added Business Consulting 5 Demo. 200+ elementor container studio blocks.

Updated Mobile user-friendly in all websites. Elementor latest version compatibility. WooCommerce latest version compatibility. LearnPress latest version compatibility.

Fixed Highlight widget issue when studio block importing. Replace all contents and custom css when studio block importing in type builder. Narrow container width in elementor boxed container. Hover transition effect of inner circle dot type in slider. Yith WooCommerce Wishlist plugin compatibility. PHP error in product hotspots. PHP error in image compare widget.

Version 4.8

Added Corporate 2 Demo. Corporate 3 Demo. Corporate 4 Demo. Corporate 5 Demo. Business consulting 4 Demo. Nutritionist Demo. Sports Demo. Podcast Demo. Author Demo. Blog Demo. Videographer Demo. Influencer Demo. Restaurant 2 Demo. WPForms plugin latest version compatibility. Rise effect in animated text widget. Reveal appear animation in elementor section. Reveal appear animation in elementor column. Reveal appear animation in all elementor widgets. Reveal appear animation in elementor container. Circles Info elementor widget. Custom cursor type effects. Reveal mask effect in elementor section and column. Text & Image marquee widget. Image accordion elementor nested element. Interactive banners elementor nested element.

Updated Yoga Demo. Gym Demo. WPML compatibility with elementor widgets. Shadow button style options in button widget. Product attribute type in admin page.

Fixed Popup does not appear in side header layout. Post widget content width issue on mobile. Cross heading’s text align responsive working. Wave shape divider not working. Video banner php issue in vimeo or youtube. Category image selection does not working in first selection. Flipbox button label showing option working. Custom height working in scroll navigation widget. ACF custom post type menu item is hidden in UDesign templates admin page. Alert widget border style options not working.

Version 4.7

Added Taxi Demo. Tools Store Demo. AI Content Generator with OpenAI. Patcher for minor updates. Notice to install YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin in header wishlist widget. Notices in UDesign dashboard page. Menu padding option in sticky header. Transparent header option in header builder. Studio block preview image when entering keywords in search widget input box in elementor editor. Custom gap spacing in section creative grid. Search for custom post types in header builder search widget. Avatar style options in single builder’s author box widget. div tag in UDesign heading widget. New layout of empty cart dropdown. New layout of empty wishlist dropdown. New layout of empty compare dropdown. Dropdown menus of ‘Tools’ in admin toolbar. Studio library popup auto active when template content is empty. Layout builder popup appears when template is saving if it is not set at any layout. Single builder post comment widget’s button style options. Typography option in single builder post tag widget.

Updated Main Demo. Plugin installation step in setup wizard. Account widget’s delimiter option condition. Custom font uploader functionality. Header builder compare widget UX. Language text-domain. Post grid widget’s filter space option as responsive option. Popup builder compatibility with Contact Form 7 latest version. Gradient type button’s box shadow hover effect transition. Default preloader color. Minor studio blocks display style. Icon list widget compatibility with Elementor latest version. Create a new template popup design. Vertical menu dropdown’s box shadow option. Sticky icons design in demo sites.

Fixed Vertical alignment issue in ordered lists. Wrong text domain in WP customizer. Tooltip color issue in customizer panel. Tooltip navigate issue in customizer panel. Demo import progress in alternative mode. Avatar image size issue in header account widget. WooCommerce cart page minor style issue. Mobile menu content duplicating in elementor preview. Plugin installation status in setup wizard demo import popup when open import popup without page refresh. Icon list widget’s line height option not working for svgs. Wrong theme style urls when use child theme and merge css files in optimize wizard. Php error in default header type when menu location is not set. Menu labels not saving in theme options with Kirki 4.x. Product compare list remove loading effect. UDesign quick links (studio, css, js) does not work after apply preview button clicks in elementor preview. Single course page issue in LearnPress latest version. Isotope layout broken after infinite scroll loading in archive builder. Pagination issue in shop builder. Mobile menu navigation style issue. Mobile menu toggle not showing in Elementor preview on desktop mode. Cart label type prefix and suffix value issue. Single product navigation icon default value not working properly. Wishlist item is not removed in header builder wishlist widget. Icon box overlay style changes when merge css & js option is enabled in optimize wizard. Duplex, ribbon is duplicated in inner section when it is enabled in inner section’s parent section. Accordion layout is broken in elementor preview. Slider revolution plugin installation status is not correct in demo import step’s plugins requirement. Placeholder image showing issue after studio banner block imported. Studio image gallery blocks import not working properly. Hotspot of product’s title and permalink issue. Creative grid layout issue before page load in elementor section. Testimonial aside type avatar issue in testimonial widget because of default style.

Version 4.6

Added WordPress 6.2.0 version compatibility.

Fixed Elementor header section of widgets panel is hidden in elementor preview. Elementor add section icon alignment in elementor preview.

Added Elementor 3.12.x beta version compatibility. Elementor scroll navigation widget minified js file.

Fixed Product custom label multilingual issue. UDesign studio button duplicated when apply preview item in single & archive builder.

Added WooCommerce 7.4.0 version compatibility.

Fixed Admin popup close button icon. Ajax error while Elementor / Tools / Regenerate Files & Data button working. Gutenberg search widget style issue. Underline button style issue in retina display.

Added Slider center mode in Elementor carousel functionality.

Updated Elementor Section custom gap option as respoinsive control.

Fixed WooCommerce Checkout Thank you page template issue. Version Control tools issue. 4.6.0 UDesign core plugin update issue with function alpha_print_template() Single Product feature image widget responsive breakpoints issue. Elementor Site Settings style issue with the latest version. Text indent responsive control not working properly in Elementor Icon list widget. Suffix color style option not working in Elementor Price table widget. Translation issue in Single product review section. UDesign template elementor page style loading issue. Remove from wishlist action not working properly. Demo preview url not working properly in Setup wizard.

Added Studio templates site. Business Consulting 2 Demo. Business Consulting 3 Demo. Festival Demo. Background color option in counters widget. Slider center mode.

Updated Wine Demo. Related post columns in tablet mode. Hide comments section in single post page when comment is empty. Empty compare page design.

Fixed Hidden product gallery buttons when featured image is empty. Compare label does not change in quickview popup when product is removed from compare list. Elementor section slider’s responsive is broken when prevent box shadow clip option is enabled. Continue shopping button size difference from others. Cart page’s mobile button size is different. Custom slider gap does not work under 576px. Slider loop does not work in admin cause of type builder tooltip. UDesign templates’ elementor responsive styles does not work after regenerate css of Elementor / tools. Slider layout broken in scroll navigation widget. Icon box custom link attributes does not work. Type builder js issue with WordPress latest version. WPML plugin compatibility issue. Elementor icon list widget style broken after demo import. Create template popup width in laptop.

Version 4.5

Added Photography 2 Demo. Elementor feature page. WooCommerce feature page. Layout builder feature page. 12 element pages. Post like type builder widget. Dynamic tag to banner image. Elementor custom breakpoints compatibility. Global site gutter spacing in elementor site settings / layout / layout settings tab. Go to home panel button in customize panel. Studio block candidate in elementor preview when search keywords.

Updated Landing page. Icon size option as responsive option in product categories widget. All demos’ responsiveness. Custom spacing control as responsive control.

Fixed Rounded skin option preview in customize panel. Icon box enable shadow option does not work in elementor preview. Background gradient does not work for animated progress bars. Creative grid width compatibility issue with elementor dom optimization option. Breadcrumb alignment responsive option.

Version 4.4

Added 17 niche demos – Psychology Demo, Plumber Demo, Barber’s Shop Demo, Startup Agency Demo, Interior Design Demo, Loan Demo, Transport Demo, Makeup Demo, Pet Care Demo, Environmental NGO Demo, Cryptocurrency Demo, Accountant Demo, IT Services Demo, Hosting Demo, Gardener Demo, Travel Agency Demo, Seo Demo Fully compatibility with Yith WooCommerce Wishlist free & premium. Furniture demo about us page. Furniture demo contact us page. Beauty demo about us page. Beauty demo contact us page. Decoration style options in UDesign heading widget. Mask option to section and column element. Available to add unlimited image sizes in theme option. Blur effect option of elements under sticky content. Scroll navigation widget. Flyout menu type. New button outline type. Image, gradient option to elementor heading widget. Custom border radius option in wpform widget. Custom html dot type to section, column slider.

Updated Burger demo. Elementor custom gap responsiveness. Checkout page button size. Heading widget with background, gradient text. Filter widget to advanced filter widget. Linked products widget based on post grid widget.

Fixed Image gallery responsive style broken by max width option. Mobile menu close icon color in dark mode. Section custom gap layout issue in responsiveness. Wrong pagination position during ajax filter in shop builder. Empty cart, wishlist, compare pages. Login form responsive style in checkout page. Add to cart sticky product thumbnail works. Add to cart popup does not work in product hotspot. Add to cart popup position in quickview. Form submit in popup. Product category filter does not work in shop page. Multiple circle progress bars do not work. Dark mode issue in scrollable section. Banner content text alignment issue when banner is set as video banner. Add to cart sticky bar’s responsiveness. Shop builder pagination widget does not work after first ajax load pagination. Slider layout broken from second ajax filtering. Gutenberg image widget light box issue even link is set as none. Critical css compatibility issue with elementor dom output optimize mode.

Version 4.3

Added 5 niche demos – Sunglass Demo, Watch Demo, Auto Services Demo, Hotel Demo, Digital Agency Demo A new single product page layout in Auto Services Demo Slide effect, disable touch drag mode. Product attributes widget in single product builder. Style options of filters navigation in post grid widget. Contact Form 7 compatibility. UDesign studio button in elementor widget navigation. Custom cursor type in specific section. Button text hover effects. Dynamic field to link in UDesign heading widget. Author box background option in single builder. Spacing option of meta widget in single builder. Vertical alignment option in icon list widget. Label spacing option of cart form widget in single product builder. Confirmation style options in wpforms widget.

Updated Column slider’s style tab title. 30KB styles reduced. Post type builder widgets. Shop filtering compatibility with elementor widgets. Notice styles in elementor preview.

Fixed Tab style issue is broken when product widget’s category filter option is enabled. Section slider layout issue when ‘Prevent Box Shadow Clip’ option is enabled. Half container right align spacing issue for no gap sections. Default show types does not work in post grid widget for portfolio & member post type. Right sidebar width option does not work correctly in layout builder. Background option does not being saved because of dark skin compatibility. Skeleton issues in shop builder. Meta widget alignment issue in single builder. Meta widget typography option does not working. Text dynamic tags in link url field. Grid / list layout toggle does not work when ajax filter is disabled. Theme option’s product category type does not work in post grid widget. Merge css does not work correctly in several search results with different post types. Product gallery zoom does not work in landing product demo site. Compare page layout issue when Yith WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is inactive. Banner images are not shown on mobile if it is parallax. Ajax filter working in archive builder even ajax filter option is disabled in theme option.

Version 4.2

Added Compatibility with Elementor 3.6.4. 5 niche demos – Insurance Demo, Cafe Demo, Bicycle Demo, Finance Demo, Electronics Demo 150+ block templates. 2 hover effects in banner widget. Parallax direction including horizontal left or right option in banner widget. Parallax option in section’s background style tab. WooCommerce store notice default style. Custom cursor option in theme options. Custom font upload in theme options. Global footer background option in footer builder. Fixed footer option in footer builder. 9 highlight effects in Highlight widget. ZoomInX in floating effects.

Updated All color options working when dark mode is enabled in theme option. Fashion 1 demo site. Icon list widget’s text & icon hover effects. Compatibility with merge css js feature & The Events Calendar plugin. Menu dropdown effect style. Compatibility with Elementor latest version. Counter widget’s empty tag. Default product list type in shop builder.

Fixed Sticky add to cart in grouped product page. Testimonial avatar alignment issue. Banner overly effects does not work over banner content. Banner overly effects does not work when ‘Wrap With’ option is set. Button icon spacing issue in type builder’s button widget. Button icon hover effect – slide effect. Cursor color option of animated text widget’s typing effect. Heading color hover transition in type builder. Shop builder post grid archive widget’s default type is not working as theme option’s product type. Add to cart popup does not work when button is in mini popup box. Remove action of product from wishlist dropdown. Focus color of member category. Product compare icon in customize preview. Login popup overlay color. Skeleton screen when layout switcher toggles in shop builder.

Version 4.1

Added Compatibility with WordPress 5.9. Optimized function – critical css for increasing google page speed. Optimized function – defer loading and merge stylesheets and javascript files in a file. 15 niche demos – Dental Demo, Furniture Demo, App Landing Demo, Gym Demo, Shoes Demo, Tea Demo, Jewelry Demo, Fashion Demo 2, Product Landing Demo, Beauty Demo Baby Demo, Wine Demo, Business Consulting Demo Burger Demo, Law Firm Demo 150+ block templates. Type Builder for custom post type. Gutenberg adnvaced style in widget for type builder. Featured image widget for type builder. Meta widget for type builder. Woo buttons widget for type builder. Woo description widget for type builder. Woo price widget for type builder. Woo rating widget for type builder. Woo stock widget for type builder. Content widget for type builder. Post grid wiget for type builder. Type bulider archives widget for shop and archive builder. Wireframe in header and footer builder. Cart Builder. Cart Builder – woo coupons widget. Cart Builder – woo shipping widget. Cart Builder – woo cart table widget. Cart Builder – woo cart totals widget. Checkout Builder. Checkout Builder – woo billing widget. Checkout Builder – woo payment widget. Checkout Builder – woo review widget. Checkout Builder – woo checkout shipping widget. Gutenberg Widget – Heading widget. Gutenberg Widget – Button widget. Gutenberg Widget – Container widget. ‘merge css and js files’ function in tools page. Side header options in header builder. Popup dynamic link tag. Warning descriptions to the child menu item of the megamenu that say how it works in menu editing page. UDesign Studio allowing to import post types. Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.4.1. Half container option in Elementor Column element.

Updated Studio search function and add various categories of block. Studio to be appeared on the same screen with the page layout. Setup wizard and optimize wizard for user-friendly and fixed sort of errors. Sidebar legacy widget style and newly-gutenberg block style. Archive Builder because of mini type builder and fixed sort of errors. Single Builder because of mini type builder and fixed sort of errors. Shop Builder because of mini type builder and fixed sort of errors. Single Product Builder because of mini type builder and fixed sort of errors. Header Builder for user-friendly and fixed sort of errors. Layout builder because of full-site builders. Removed some unnecessary options. Sticky header animation. Redirects to elementor preview just after creating a new UDesign template. Section Slider widget for optimized and user-friendly. Column Slider widget for optimized and user-friendly. Tab widget for optimized and user-friendly. Accordion widget for optimized and user-friendly. Section Banner widget for optimized and user-friendly. Creative Grid widget for optimized and user-friendly. 360 degree widget for optimized and user-friendly. Animated-text widget for optimized and user-friendly. Banner widget for optimized and user-friendly. Bar chart widget for optimized and user-friendly. Block widget for optimized and user-friendly. Brands widget for optimized and user-friendly. Breadcrumb widget for optimized and user-friendly. Button widget for optimized and user-friendly. Contact widget for optimized and user-friendly. Countdown widget for optimized and user-friendly. Filter widget for optimized and user-friendly. Flipbox widget for optimized and user-friendly. Heading widget for optimized and user-friendly. Highlight widget for optimized and user-friendly. Hotspot widget for optimized and user-friendly. Iconlist widget for optimized and user-friendly. Image box widget for optimized and user-friendly. Image compare widget for optimized and user-friendly. Image gallery widget for optimized and user-friendly. Line chart widget for optimized and user-friendly. Logo widget for optimized and user-friendly. Menu widget for optimized and user-friendly. Pie doughnut widget for optimized and user-friendly. Polar chart widget for optimized and user-friendly. Price tables widget for optimized and user-friendly. Progressbars widget for optimized and user-friendly. Radar chart widget for optimized and user-friendly. Search widget for optimized and user-friendly. Share widget for optimized and user-friendly. Table widget for optimized and user-friendly. Testimonial widget for optimized and user-friendly. Timeline widget for optimized and user-friendly. Timeline horizontal widget for optimized and user-friendly. LearnPress sidebar widgets’ query. Advanced Tab in elementor: duplex, ribbon, floating. Layout builder using page filter. Elementor Compatibility issue. License manager. Documentation.

Fixed White label addon’s admin style. In customzie preview, tooltip does not appear after selective refresh works. Product metabox is not saved when product is updated. Block style compatiblity with Elementor style internal / external print method. Duplex element in elementor preview and section and column. Ribbon element in elementor preview and section and column . Mini cart quantity input in cart Popup. Post like action hook. Product compare list issue in quickview, archive page, label change issue when it is removed from list. Comments pagination compatibility issue with custom post types. Product 360 degree gallery admin style issue. Add to cart sticky thumbnail issue when product featured image is empty. Product brand missing issue in single product default templates. Product buy now button style. Product video thumbnail icon. Sticky column does not work in elementor preview. Icon box widget style issue causes of Elementor style internal / external print method. Price table widget style issue causes of Elementor style internal / external print method. Testimonial widget style issue causes of Elementor style internal / external print method. Search widget style issue causes of Elementor style internal / external print method. Banner widget style issue causes of Elementor style internal / external print method. Banner hotspot style issue causes of Elementor style internal / external print method. Breadcrumb issue when post type slug is changed in theme option.

Version 4.0

Added Compatibility with WordPress 5.8. UDesign Admin Dashboard, integrating all components of UDesign into one main area. Admin Dashboard and Register Setup Wizard Optimize Wizard for performance. Tools Dashboard for maintenance. Templates Dashboard for full site builder. Sidebar Dashboard for sidebar builder. 15 Niche Demos – Main Demo, Corporate Demo, Farm Store Demo, Health Coach Demo, Photography Demo, Yoga Demo, Build Demo, Fashion Demo, Cannabis Demo, Medical Demo Cleaning Demo, Education Demo, Real Estate Demo Resume Demo, Restaurant Demo UDesign studio including 150+ prebuilt blocks. Demo uninstall functionality for site clean up. Compatibility with Elementor. Add tooltip instead of control description in elementor preview. 60+ elementor widgets. – Slider Widget to Section and Column – Tab Widget to Section and Column – Accordion Widget to Section and Column – Creative Grid Widget to Section and Column – Banner Widget to Section and Column – Sticky option to Column – Heading Widget – Progress Bars Widget – Polar Chart Widget – Radar Chart Widget – Flipbox Widget – Duplex Widget – Ribbon Widget – Image Compare Widget – Price Tables Widget – Table Widget – Timeline-Vertical Widget – Timeline-Horizontal Widget – Highight Widget – Contact Widget – 360 Degree View Widget – Product Widget – Product Categories Widget – Brands Widget – Alert Widget – Icon Box Widget – Counters Widget – Price List Widget – Pie & Doughnut Chart Widget – Bar Chart Widget – Line Chart Widget – Testimonials Widget – Block Widget – Banner Widget – Breadcrumb Widget – Countdown Widget – Button Widget – Image Gallery Widget – Search Widget – Image Box Widget – Posts Widget – Social Icons Widget – Menu Widget – Events Widget – Portfolio Widget – Member Widget – Hotspot Widget – Site Logo Widget – Icon List Widget – SVG Floating Widget – Animated Text Widget – Sticky Navigation Widget Dynamic tags are included to elementor widgets. Full site edit possibility – header, footer, popup, sidebar builders. 8 Header Builder Widget – Header Builder Cart Widget – Header Builder Language Switcher Widget – Header Builder Currency Switcher Widget – Header Builder Mobile Menu Toggle Widget – Header Builder Vertical Divider Widget – Header Builder Account Widget – Header Builder Wishlist Widget – Header Builder Compare Widget Layout builder system to customize layout of any single or archive page. Single & Archive builder for custom post types using Elementor. 11 Single Builder Widget – Single Builder Post Title Widget – Single Builder Post Date & Category Widget – Single Builder Post Excerpt Widget – Single Builder Post Content Widget – Single Builder Featured Image Widget – Single Builder Author Box Widget – Single Builder Post Comments Widget – Single Builder Post Navigation Widget – Single Builder Related Posts Widget – Single Builder Posts Meta Widget – Single Builder Post Tags Widget 2 Archive Builder Widget – Archive Builder Post Title Widget – Archive Builder Archive Posts Widget Megamenu builder. Lazy load image & menu. Live search functionality. Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.9. WooCommerce Single Product Builder. 18 Single Product Builder Widget – Single Product Builder Images Widget – Single Product Builder Navigation Widget – Single Product Builder Title Widget – Single Product Builder Meta Widget – Single Product Builder Rating Widget – Single Product Builder Price Widget – Single Product Builder Flash Sale Widget – Single Product Builder Excerpt Widget – Single Product Builder Cart Form Widget – Single Product Builder Share Widget – Single Product Builder Data Tab Widget – Single Product Builder Frequently Bought Together Widget – Single Product Builder Linked Products Widget – Single Product Builder Vendor Products Widget – Single Product Builder Counter Widget – Single Product Builder Compare Widget – Single Product Builder Wishlist Widget – Single Product Builder Tags Widget WooCommerce Shop Builder. 7 Shop Builder Widget – Shop Builder Products Widget – Shop Sort Widget – Shop Builder Product Result Widget – Shop Builder Pagination Widget – Shop Builder Count Per Page Widget – Shop Builder Grid/List Toggle Widget – Shop Builder Filter Toggle Widget 6+ different product types. Ajax loading compatible with WooCommerce. Product compare functionality. Product brand attribute and elementor widget. Product frequently bought together functionality. Product 360 degree and featured video. Custom swatches for WooCommerce variable products: colors, images, buttons. 3 effective quickview types. 3 unique shop layouts. Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields. Compatibility with Post Types Unlmited. Compatibility with LearnPress. Compatibility with Kirki customizer. Compatibility with WPML. Compatibility with WPForms Lite. Compatibility with The Events Calendar. Compatibility with Modern Events Calendar. Compatibility with Yith WooCommerce Wishlist.

Updated Theme options panel. Elementor editor interface. Setup Wizard for quick theme installation. Demo import engine working well even after multiple imports. Enhanced code quality based on robust framework. Compatibility with Revolution Slider. Compatibility with Essential Grid to work with single & archive builder. Documentation posts for 4.0 features.

Removed All demos built with WPBakery page builder. UDesign admin dashboard & settings panel. Dozens of theme options from version 3.x.