Wolmart Banner + Products

We provide an outstanding element you haven't ever seen before. The amazing and awesome layout makes your site more beautiful and attractive!

Save Effort, Elements and CSS

We not only provide amazing and awesome products + banner layouts but also allow you to save effort, elements and CSS.

Banner Products Element
Ellipsis Widget
Ellipsis Widget
Ellipsis Widget
Ellipsis Widget
Ellipsis Widget
Ellipsis Widget
Product Widget
Image Widget Element

How can We Use this Element?

There are 3 steps to build your own element. Each step is very easy and simple, so you can create the amazing layout without any knowledge of CSS or other coding skills.

01.Select Layouts

The first step is to select a suitable layout as you want. We support 3 main layout types and lots of customize options. So you can create a fascinating layout with just one click.

Please create amazing & awesome layout!

Banner Elements
Banner elements
Banner elements

02.Add Your Own Banner

After you have built the element layout, you can start building your own banner to show. On the other hand, you can also control the banner's entrance position without any coding.

Please design your own banner!

Product Element
Banner Setting
Banner Setting

03.Change Your Products

We also provide various product types and lots of customize options like Wolmart products element. So you can build amazing products layout as you want.

Please enjoy our new element!

Product Element
Product element
Product Selector

Flexible Responsiveness

We provide flexible and abundant responsive options for this element. So you can control responsiveness of the element more easily and simply.

Responsive Element
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Responsive Element

Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to control any part of the element as you prefer, so you can build awesome design and layout with these options.

Element Options
  • Products Layout – Choose products layout type: Grid, Slider, Creative Layout (Masonry).
  • Columns – Controls number of columns to display.
  • Columns Spacing – Controls amount of spacing between columns.
  • Rows Count – Controls row count in slider layout.
  • Vertical Align – Choose from top, middle, bottom and stretch in slider layout.
  • Use Custom Layout – Use creative layout preset or build your own.
  • Auto Row Height – Make base creative grid item’s height to their own.
  • Customize Grid Items – Add any grid item indexes with rules to determine width and height. Customers could also change each item’s product type.
  • Insert number – Choose insert position index of banner item.
  • Background Color – Set background color of banner.
  • Background Image – Set banner image with exclusive options like position, size, repeat and etc.
  • Item Type – Choose the content item type. Choose from Text, Image, Button, Shortcode.
  • Item Display – Choose the display type of each content item. Choose from Block, Inline.
  • Text Item Options – Shows options for text content item.
  • Button Item Options – Shows options for button content item.
  • Image Item Options – Shows options for image content item.
Element Options
  • Product IDs – Choose product ids of specific products to display.
  • Categories – Choose categories which include products to display.
  • Product Count – Controls number of products to display or load more.
  • Product Status – Choose product status: All, Featured, On Sale, Recently Viewed.
  • Order By – Defines how products should be ordered: Default, ID, Name, Date, Modified, Price, Random, Rating, Total Sales.
  • Order Way – Defines products ordering type: Ascending or Descending.
  • Product Type – Choose from 4 default types: Default, Classic, List, Widget.
  • Show In Box – Choose to show outline border around each product.
  • Show Reviews Text – Choose whether to show “reviews” text beside rating count or hide text.
  • Show Information – Choose to show information of product: Category, Label, Price, Rating, Attribute, Cart, Compare, Quick view, Wishlist, Excerpt.
  • Show Labels – Select to show product labels on left part of product thumbnail: Top, Sale, New, Out of Stock, Custom labels.
  • Hover Effect – Choose content’s hover effect from: Default, Popup, Slide-up. (for classic type)
  • Media Shadow Effect On Hover – Enable shadow effect for product media on product hovering.
  • Banner Effect – Choose banner effect on hovering.