Wolmart Product Category

Product Category Element is the perfect element to show your visitors various product categories. This element makes your site more attractive and useful.

Category Element Feature

Our element has outstanding features like creative layout, category widget filter and so on. These features allow you to build your site more beautiful.

01.Creative Layout Options

One of the main features in the category element is the creative layout options. We support 10 creative layout presets. So you can choose from them to suit your website design better.

Please enjoy our creative layout!

Category Image
Category Image
Category Image
Category Image

02.Category Ajax Filter

We provide the category ajax filter function in the category element. By using this function, you can build amazing category + products layout without any coding skills. If this option is selected, the element works as a category filter for the product element in its section.

Category Image
Category Image
Category Image

Category Types

We support 12+ product category types and lots of customize options. So you can create amazing category styles for your website.



  • For Women's

    For Women's

    0 Products
  • Skates


    0 Products
  • For Men's

    For Men's

    0 Products
  • Accessories


    7 Products

Icon Categories


  • Women's Wear

    Women's Wear

  • Cosmetic


  • Men's Wear

    Men's Wear

  • Couple Watches

    Couple Watches

Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to control any part of the element as you prefer, so you can build awesome design and layout with these options.

Element Options
  • Select Categories – Select specific categories to display.
  • Filter Products – Enable to filter products in product widget placed on same section with this category widget
  • Filter Products in Shop – In the case of enabling ajax filter in Theme options, you can filter products in shop page by categories
  • Show Subcategories – Display subcategories.
  • Hide Empty – Hide categories having no products.
  • Category Count – Select number of categories to display.
  • Order By – Defines how categories should be ordered.
  • Order Way – Provides advanced configuration: Ascending, Descending.
  • Categories Layout – Choose the specific layout to suit your need to display categories.
Element Options
  • Image Size – Choose the correct image size to fit your category.
  • Columns – Select the number of columns to display your categories.
  • Columns(>=1200px) – Select the number of columns to display your categories above 1200px.
  • Columns(<576px) – Select the number of columns to display your categories under 576px.
  • Columns Spacing – Choose specified column space to show your categories.
  • Follow Theme Option – Set the global category type.
  • Category Type – Select your specific category type to suit your need.