Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to make awesome lists by means of various content options and abundant customization options.

Element Options
  • Layout – Select a certain layout type of your list among Default and Inline types.
  • Alignment – Control the alignment of list items.
  • Title – Type the prefix text for your list items.
  • Text – Type the list text for your list item.
  • Icon – Choose the icon for your list item.
  • Link – Type a certain URL for your list item.
  • Title Color – Controls the title color.
  • Divider – Toggle for making your list items have dividers or not.
  • Icon Color – Controls the icon color.
  • Icon Hover Color – Controls the icon hover color.
  • Icon Size – Controls the icon size.
Element Options
  • Background Size – Controls the icon background size.
  • Border Radius – Controls the icon background border radius.
  • Background Color – Controls the icon background color.
  • Background Hover Color – Controls the icon background hover color.
  • Icon Alignment – Controls the icon alignment.
  • List Item Color – Controls the list text color.
  • List Item Hover Color – Controls the list text hover color.
  • List Item Typography – Controls the list text typography.