Wolmart Dynamic Content System

Using the Wolmart Heading element you are able to insert dynamic content directly into your pages. It's very useful, especially for page title bar.

Various Dynamic Contents

We are providing various dynamic contents. To display page title, page subtitle, products count( shop page only ), site title and current date time is no matter any more.

Page Title

The Paget Title is your certain page's title. Select the page title option in the dynamic content multi-select.

Page Subtitle

The Paget Subtitle is your certain page's subtitle. Type the custom page subtitle in Wolmart Page Layout's PTB interface.

Products Count

The Products Count will show the number of whole products in your shop. It is only available in Shop page.

Site Tag Line

The Site Tag Line is your certain site's tag line. Select the site tag line option in the dynamic content multi-select.

Site Title

The Site Title is your certain site's title. Select the site title option in the dynamic content multi-select.

Current Date Time

The Current Date Time will display exact time of your time zone. Select the Current Date Time option.

Element Options Glossary

Here comes list of all options from our element with explanation in detail. This could probably
help you to find out what each option is for.

Element Options
  • Dynamic Content – Select the certain dynamic content you want to show in your page. ( ex. page title, subtitle, user info and so on )​
  • HTML Tag – Select the HTML Heading tag from H1 to H6 and P tag, too.
  • Type – Select the decoration type among Simple, Cross and Underline options. The Default type is the Simple type.​
Element Options
  • Title Align – Controls the title’s alignment. Options are left, center and right.​
  • Title Padding – Controls the title’s padding.
  • Title Color – Controls the title’s color.
  • Title Typography – Controls the title’s typography like font family, font size, font weight, text transform, font style, line height and letter spacing.​