UDesign offers Section Tab function and you can create any type of tabs.

How to create section tab?

Step 1. Create, or choose the section into which you want to add your element.

Step 2. In Layout tab , you can find Settings. And here set Use Section For to Tab.

Step 3. Choose column of top section. In Settings of Layout tab, set Use Column For to Tab Content.

Element Section Options

Tab Type – Select the tab type you wanna display on the screen. There are 4 types.

Tab Nav Arrange – Control the arrage method of tabs, vertical or horizontal.

Justify Tabs – Fit the tabs with container.

Tab Navs Position – Select the alignment for tabs.

Element Column Options

Tab Title – Input the tab title you wanna display.

Tab Icon – Select the icon or svg for tab with icon.

Tab Icon Position – Select the icon position with tab title.

Tab Icon Spacing – Set the space between tab title and icon.

Tab Icon Size – Set the icon size.

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