Floating Effects

Build the site more awesome and beautifully, you can use floating effects. UDesign provides many floating effects and you can select one as you want. Probably you have seen floating effects in many other sites.
There are two main type, effect depend scroll and mouse move. If you want to set scroll effect, you can select from transform scroll efect, fade in scroll effect, fade out scroll effect, flip scroll scroll effect, rotate scroll effect, zoom in scroll effect, and zoom out scroll effect. And there are track horizontally, track vertically and track any direction for mouse tracking effect.

You can set floating effects in UDesign addons section.

As you can see you can select type of effect and size of floating effect.

Also don’t forget to set the stopped state when the type is scroll effect.

There are 3 states and they are After Top of Object reaches Top of Screen, After Top of Object reaches Center of Screen and After Center of Object reaches Center of Screen.

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