Adding Widgets To Widget Areas

Before add widgets to the widget area, firstly you have to create the widget areas. To learn how to create widget areas, please see Creating Widget Areas here. After that, you can add widgets. Each widget has their own options, which you can customize once you add them to a widget area.

Step 1
 – Navigate to the Appearance > Widgets tab to access the list of widgets and widget areas. The left hand side shows all the widgets you can use. The right hand side shows all the different widget areas you can add widgets to.

Step 2 – Simply drag and drop the widget you’d like to add into your chosen widget area on the right hand side. Also you can do that using plus button.

Step 3 – To rearrange widgets in a widget area, just drag and drop the widgets into the order you’d like.

Step 4 – When finished, make sure to click the ‘Update’ button in the widget editing box to save your changes.

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