Sidebar widgets provided by UDesign

UDesign provides a wide array of custom widgets in addition to the default widgets WordPress offers. All widgets are found in the Appearance > Widgets tab on your WP admin sidebar. There are various customization options and fields for each individual widget, and they are all self explanatory. Here are widgets that our Theme offers.

  1. UDesign – Block : Just use your blocks which are made by our Block Builder.
  2. UDesign – Posts Navigation : Display post navigation .
  3. UDesign – Posts : Display site posts ordered by ID, date and etc.
  4. UDesign – Price Filter : Please insert price filter to sidebar.
  5. UDesign – Products : Show off the products ordered by ID, date and etc.
  6. UDesign – Product Brands: Products brands are appeared into sidebar container.
  7. UDesign – Filter Clean : Clean all filters already chosen.
  8. UDesign – Product Status : Show products status.

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