Setup sidebars in Page Layouts Panel

UDesign Page Layouts Panel provides an easy way to display sidebars in any pages. To display sidebar in page, please see the following guide.

  1. Please go to UDesign > Page Layouts in admin menu.
  2. Please select a layout which you want to display sidebar. You can also create a layout and set display condition. Please see about Page Layouts Panel.
Setup sidebar in Page Layouts Panel
  1. please select the sidebar you have been made, and set your sidebar width in pixels or rem, or %, etc. The sidebar can be displayed in classic or off-canvas mode.
Select shop sidebar to display
  1. By setting options of layout’s display condition, you can display the sidebar anywhere you want.

Please select “All shop pages” if you want to display the sidebar in shop page, or select specific product categories if you want.

Select “all shop pages” in display condition.

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