Widget Area

A widget area is a container that holds widgets. Widgets should go inside a widget area to be able to display on the site. Sidebar is also one of widget areas. UDesign supports sidebar as a widget area. The theme provides some default sidebars – shop sidebar for shop page , blog sidebar for blog page, lms sidebar for LearnPress plugin.

All widgets are found in the Appearance > Widgets tab on your UDesign admin panel. There are various customization options and fields for each individual widget, and they are all self explanatory. You can put as many widgets as you want inside of a widget area. Please read below for information on how to add widgets to widget areas.

There are two types of widget areas, pre-built widget areas and custom widget areas.

1) Pre-built widget areas

UDesign supports default widget areas, blog sidebar, post sidebar and shop sidebar. Of course, you customize them you want in the Appearance > Widgets tab.

2) Custom Widget Areas

You can create a widget area you want using ‘Add New Sidebar’ button in the Appearance > Widgets tab. If you want to know more about that, visit here.

Widget Image
Sidebar widgets are shown in shop page of main demo

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