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A White Cushion Cover Chair

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  1. John Doe

    Mine turned up covered in dirty brown marks, which I haven’t really been able to get off fully, given the size of it and difficulty putting it back in a box once opened, I just didn’t bother returning but it is the really annoying part of having things delivered from Amazon. If its’ large and turns up soiled, the hassle of returning is often times not worth it.

    I bought this for a balcony because ALL my local DIY/Argos etc have sold out of garden sofas during lockdown.

    It’s not a bad solution, it’s pretty comfortable, it’s obviously a bit bouncy, probably better for a camping situation than a permanent bit of furniture, but it was better than nothing during very hot August.

    Just be aware that it is inflatable and if like me, you live in a windy area, you might find it flies off your first balcony into your neighbours yard, on a very windy day. Its been deflated sitting in my spare room for a week now, as I’m scared to put it outside when I can’t keep an eye on it, incase it flies off again. I live in front of a park, so with high winds it could go quite a bit further! 😀

    Could do with some fittings to lash it down with ropes, I’m considering half filling the base with water as a solution, but not sure if its’ designed to take the weight?

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  2. John Doe

    This is a great sofa, we had it while glamping but the problem is that the back rest keeps getting softer after use, so you’ll need to have a pump and refill it from time to time, the sitting part holds very well.

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  3. John Doe

    This sofa has actually saved our lives!

    We just moved in to a new apartment and was worrying about purchasing a new sofa on top of everything else!

    Originally we was going to throw some deck chairs in the living room and hope for the best but after my dad suggested a “blow up sofa” first place I went was Amazon, and lucky for me I saw this beauty.

    As you can see from the photo it doesn’t look like what you’d think of when you hear “blow up sofa”, the size itself makes it amazing ! We didn’t expect it to make the room look so homely.
    It’s covered with a soft velvet like material, and everyone who has come to visit us so far has LOVED it.

    We don’t need to worry about purchasing a sofa for a while now.

    The 1 downside I would say might annoy some people (not us as we don’t really care) it does need some pumping up every so often but only takes 5 mins max.

    Hope you enjoy !

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  4. John Doe

    After first use of 5 days one of the cushions ripped at the same, we were so careful not to over inflate and was only used at night for light use so for the money it’s not worth it at all for a single use item. Would not purchase again as there is obviously a quality issue as I had read from similar reviews. As I didn’t used for a few weeks after purchase the prime return delivery window is shut so not a great experience. Unless you are going to use this item straight away to test the quality of it I wouldn’t recommend purchasing, as others have wrote there seems to be known quality faults with this item, quality poor, durability poor, value for money poor, not a good purchase at all. Had it lasted more than one use I probably would have given it a better review but really upset with this buy

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  5. John Doe

    Nice, beautiful and comfortable.
    Thanks to the outer lining, it is very comfortable and breathable, no sweat is created,
    perfect even for interior decoration

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  6. John Doe

    I didn’t pay much attention to the size when I ordered it, but this thing seems enormous. It would seat a family of 6! I bought this for my new apartment because I really don’t want to spend hundreds of euros on a couch , since I mostly sit on the floor with my dogs. However, I didn’t expect it to be as comfortable as it is! I actually sit on it often.

    Well, the downside is that it’s kind of butt ugly and one of the cushions is already losing air (after only 1 month), but I don’t intend to replace the couch anytime soon. I might replace the cushions with foam ones, though.

    I do have a couple minor complaints: (1) the placement of one of the air valves is awkwardly on the bottom of the couch. You do have to put in more air once in a while with these things, but to refill the lower part of the couch, you have to lie on the floor and lift the thing up at that end in order to stick your air pump on it. Come on, the couch is already ugly, they could have just stuck the valve on the back side so it was more easily accessible. (2) You need 3 different size adapters for your air pump because they used 3 different sized valves. Pretty dumb.

    I like the idea of inflatable furniture and they’ve really improved over the years. I’ve slept on Intex air mattresses for years and wouldn’t have anything else. Add a mattress topper and they’re great.

    All in all, the couch was a pretty good purchase and I would do it again. I recommend it, especially if you’re cheap like me and also don’t like having to move heavy furniture around.

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  7. John Doe

    We are waiting for our sofa to arrive, what with lead times of around 2 months, this inflatable has been a brilliant solution for us..

    It took us around an hour to get the main unit and 3 cushions blown up. We had some difficulty with the cushions and had to finish pumping them up by blowing into the units, although the electric pump did most of the task.

    We’ve been using it for over 3 weeks, many guests have sat on the sofa and it is still ‘standing’.. We have to top up the air every week or so. You will need an electric air pump.

    Another thing I appreciated about this sofa, is that it gave us the opportunity to get a ‘feel’ of how a corner sofa would suit the space. Thanks to this temporary solution we have been braver with our sofa choice and gone for a bigger unit. Also, we’ve opted for a light coloured sofa which we may not have done had we not had this one up.. Happy to recommend this.

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  8. John Doe

    We ordered this for our summer holiday.. worked wonderfully for the first few days until one of the cushions would not stay inflated.. we couldn’t find a puncture mark so repair was not possible. The bottom valve also started to pop out so we couldn’t keep it fully inflated. Really dissppointed as we loved it and see many others here find it great. Would I buy again? Not sure, it cut the comfort of our holiday short so not sure how reliable it is long term.

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  9. John Doe

    Nice to look at, very big and spacious, it also seems very sturdy, I’ve been using it for a week in the country in front of the fireplace, unfortunately it’s not very comfortable… if you inflate it too much and very hard and it breaks your back, if you deflate it, when you sit down the air moves from one side to the other and doesn’t allow you to enjoy it. I keep it to put it on the veranda in summer, perhaps in the heat it will tend to soften.

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  10. John Doe

    Had to re-inflate practically every morning whilst camping – it would just about last until the evening however by morning was deflated beyond use… Whilst inflated its a great addition to our camping set-up but the upkeep is a little excessive

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  11. John Doe

    Sofa purchased while waiting for the final one to arrive.
    It’s a bit uncomfortable and long to inflate because it doesn’t have an integrated pump or safety valves. Overall, however, it is rather functional and all in all not too uncomfortable.
    The aesthetic is more than pleasant

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  12. John Doe

    Used in my Caravan Awning, worked well and it is comfortable, unfortunately a seam split after a few days, I was able to repair with supplied patch but split was in an awkward place and continued to leak slowly so I had to re pump up part of the sofa daily for a few mins, will have to do a more permanent sturdy repair with a proper patch and glue for next outing, overall a good product, and would recommend,

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  13. John Doe

    Bought this for our caravan awning. I watched a review video showing it blowing up in 3 mins..not true. So I bought a pump that is both 12v and 240v.. I plugged it in the wall for 240v and the valves in the main corner settee are all over the place. So there’s one for the for the seat base..then one in each arm. Then there are 3 blow up base cushions to blow up. So you can see thar 3 mins is a joke. You have to slightly over inflate it or it is too difficult to get up off it. It is really big and easily sits 4 adults. The seat cushions are finished in a soft fabric so you don’t stick to the seats. Deflating took quite a while using the deflate mode on the pump. You have to have a pump for this settee as the back and base inflation holes are huge. The only really bad thing is that it arrives in a box and a normal plastic wrapper. So you have nothing to pack it away in. You would never get it back in the box. As it was £80 you would think that a bag to protect and put it away in would have been a tent bag or an air bed bag. But on the whole the settee is great.

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