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A Bedside Table Loran Walnut

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  1. John Doe

    So it wasn’t the easiest to put together. I wish it had pre drilled holes. A couple of mine went through the wood. Also I put together one piece in the wrong order and had to take it apart. That may have just been user error though. It scratches very easily. It looks great now but I don’t think it will last for years to come. At the end of the day all I really want out of a night stand is to look moderately nice while holding a book, flashlight, and vidrator. Mission accomplished.

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  2. John Doe

    I loved the final piece. ! I was not disappointed in the color, it looks better in person than photos! I feel like the qualify is really good for the price. It will last a long time. However, the down side is that it does take a minimum of 3 hours to assemble and the instructions are not beginners friendly so if you are planning to get this nightstand, I would pay for assembly unless you have someone at home that doesn’t mind spending 3 hours assembling this and has experience assembling furniture. I also got the 6 drawer dresser from the same brand at a different store and it took 5 hours to assemble !!!!

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  3. John Doe

    The first one took around two hours to assemble including unpacking, reading the instructions, and finding some tools. I used a basic screwdriver, rubber mallet (not hammer), a ratcheting screwdriver and nothing else. The second one took 1hr 20minutes. Most holes are pre drilled, all hardware and pieces are clearly labeled, instructions are perfect, holes all align. The only difficulty some with weak hands might have is that the screws that get installed at an angle do not have holes pre drilled and I don’t think it is possible to have them pre drilled. the alternative is having exposed hardware. These were easier to assemble than IKEA pieces and the parts are better labeled. I’d imagine someone with stronger hands would have these assembled in an hour. My negative comment is that the back panel is not a nice wood piece so this nightstand must be against a wall. In my case this is fine. I’m not installing the back piece to allow electrical cords on the drawers. My advice, use a small low powered battery operated screwdriver and skip the glue. The screws included do not require pre-drilling but you will need to gently push while assembling. FYI – I’m a clumsy old woman with bad eyesight and arthritis and assembled two in a single morning.

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  4. John Doe

    I ordered two of these despite the reviews about pieces being damaged upon arrival and the assembly reviews. They are just the style I was looking for and the best price I’ve seen.

    They came a few days late and one of them was damaged but I found the company’s help website on my Amazon orders page and was able to email the company about getting replacements. They emailed me back right away and shipped the replacement parts the next day. The parts came to my house two days later. I was really surprised they came that fast. I am very pleased with the customer service!

    My husband and I put these together and honestly it is not the easiest furniture we’ve ever assembled (and we’ve done A LOT of furniture assembling). There were pilot holes for the screws so we did need to use our drill but we did so VERY carefully and it turned out ok. The instructions don’t recommend using power tools because of how easy it would be to damage the pieces but without pilot holes we just couldn’t get it done without the drill. JUST BE SUPER CAREFUL!

    Once we got the first one put together the second one was super easy to do. Overall, I am VERY pleased with the look and quality of these bedside tables. I’m also more likely to shop from this manufacturer again as the customer service was excellent.

    Don’t expect these to come in perfect condition or to be a snap to put together. But don’t be afraid of them either! I’m very happy with my purchase!

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  5. John Doe

    The price itself is not for a super luxurious furniture, but this product has wood quality that is way worse than IKEA. MDF panels seems fine, but the finishes on the joined wood surfaces are not quite smooth – I get that, I can probably oil and stain them. The part I’m really disappointed is the quality of wooden rail. It’s surely a moving part but came with the worst quality pine that is rotten and don’t think it’s going to glide smoothly at all.

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  6. John Doe

    The assembly was great. These products taught me a thing as well. I don’t know why I never thought of this but wood glue all my furniture when putting it together. Why wouldn’t you?!

    As for price. Yea for a night stand it was a little steep. Specially when the dresser was like 100$ more and 3x the size.

    But seriously…. This product is all wood. Legit wood. No stupid packed mdf, plywood that splits when you screw in a half a turn too deep.

    Tips for assembly:
    1. please grab some towels. Lay them down. Lay down your parts on top of them. Carpet is fine. Don’t scratch up the wood within the first 5 minutes.
    2. Don’t skip the wood glue. Grab some paper towels. Have a wet one as well. It might add a couple of minutes into assembly but the night stand will last years longer. Sometimes you might add too much glue and the dowels won’t sit right. Tap the dowel with a hammer. It’ll squeeze excess wood glue out the top. Wipe it off.
    3. If you’re like me. I keep most of my things on my nightstand. Buy a valet tray. They are like 10$. It’ll keep the keys and change from scratching the top. Plus it’s aesthetically pleasing.

    All in all. I’m very happy with my purchase and I’ll be copying most of this review for the dresser I bought that matched!

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  7. John Doe

    Is it a nightstand that does it’s job? Yes, it’s just really not worth it. You could get something better for the same price, maybe even more. I’ll start off with the shipping, I ordered this February 14, it shipped February 19, and I didn’t get an update from there. I was convinced I got scammed or it got lost but it arrived March 29.

    It came in a small box which is convenient, I took it out and all the pieces were there, but looking at the wood, the paint wasn’t done well. It looked streaky but I guess from a far it looked fine. There were also parts that were damaged. Reading the instructions, it all made sense, there was one picture where there was a lot going on that took me a while to get but it’s understandable. Although, it says it requires a phillips head screw, hammer, tape measure which weren’t provided. You really only need the screw and hammer though I didn’t end up using the tape measure.

    Assembling it is the real hassle. Is it possible? Yes, i’m a petite teenage girl and even I was able to assemble it all by myself, though it did take me 4 days. But it really is just more inconvenient than it’s really worth. There are some predrilled holes but there are a lot that weren’t and you had to screw in yourself. It’s pretty painful too i’m surprised I didn’t get nerve damage in my thumb from twisting and twisting the hex key lol. There was a lot of repetitive loosening and tightening the screw just to make it go in. The material also seems weak, it convenient for hammering the nails but and slight hit would leave a mark.

    Anyways, i hope this review was helpful, i would appreciate a like if it was! 🙂

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  8. John Doe

    To put it plainly – I’m pretty picky when it comes to furniture. My father is a carpenter, as was my grandfather, and his father before him. In my last apartment I built most of my own furniture, but after moving across the country with only a few suitcases, I didn’t have the luxury of time to rebuild things from scrap, and didn’t have the space for it either. I purchased these nightstands because I wanted real wood – not Ikea junk – and in the end, I got what I wanted! Finding real wood products on Amazon is tough, but these seem to be the real deal. Solid, sturdy, and plenty of authentic wood grain and character.

    Reviews from others have noted that these can be tricky to assemble, and some have noted issues with quality. From my perspective? These were great. Sure, there are a lot of parts, and it takes a bit of time to get them together. And sure, if you don’t line things up right during assembly, they won’t look great… But if you patiently follow the instructions and assemble the pieces carefully, you’ll have no problems.

    I don’t know if these will last a lifetime, but I also don’t plan to abuse these – they’re just nightstands, after all. They look great, the drawers work well, and the product seems fairly consistent (coming from someone who ordered two of these)

    I’m very happy with what I got from WE furniture, and I hope you will be too.

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  9. John Doe

    Ok, here’s the thing. If you don’t like assembling stuff more complicated than what IKEA sells you, this is not for you. I think this explains the majority of negative reviews. You got to do thing rights, otherwise, you’ll break it.

    1. Real wood for the most parts (not very high quality, but hey, it’s not particle boards)
    2. Holes are relatively precisely punctured — no real problems for me
    3. The assembly is actually fun (for me) — takes 2.5 hours for the first time
    4. Great value for the money — way better than what you can get from IKEA if you’re willing to do the work (properly)

    Use Water-based Poly for simple finishing

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  10. John Doe

    I read and read and read the reviews on all the Walker Edison mid century furniture available on Amazon before purchasing an end table, a three drawer dresser, and a six drawer dresser. I also searched high and low for weeks for an affordable bedroom set through all carriers and brands and this was the best looking in my price range.

    The reviews did scare me but there were a few promising ones that finally convinced me to take the risk and here is what I learned. Overall these are great pieces! Sure they may take a little bit of time to assemble (we timed it, this piece took us 1.5 hours), but for the price, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. My husband and I have hand crafted several dinning tables out of scratch so we know how tedious putting furniture together can be. As long as you make sure you have all the pieces and read the instructions front to back before assembling you will be fine.

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