UDesign offers section accordion. With this one, you can set any widgets in the accordion body.

How to create section accordion?

Step 1. Create, or choose the Section into which you want to add your element.

Step 2. In Layout tab , you can find UDesign Settings. And here set Use Section For to Accordion.

Step 3. Choose column of top section. In UDesign Settings of Layout tab, set Use Column For to Accordion Content.

Element Section Options

Accordion Type – Choose the type of accordion.

Show Focus Line – Show a line in active accordion card title.

Toggle Icon – Set the icon of accordion card toggler.

Active Toggle Icon – Set the icon of active accordion card toggler.

Toggle Icon Size – Set the size of toggle icon size.

Element Section Style

Border Style – Set the border style of accordion items – border width, color and border radius.

Panel Header – Set the style of accordion panel header such as typography, color, spacing and so on.

Panel Content – Set the padding of panel content.

Element Column Options

Accordion Title– Input the title of accordion panel header.

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