How to remove pre-built website content after import?

You could uninstall demo contents from your site. If you import different demos so many times, you could see some posts are overridden by new ones. In that case you need to uninstall imported demo contents before importing new demo. You could remove all contents from previously imported demo or remove only some parts such as pages, widgets and so on.

Note: Before Remove Demo Data
Please backup your site before uninstalling. All imported and overridden content from UDesign demos would be removed.

You can remove imported site data as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to UDesign / Setup Wizard and move to “Import Demo” Tab.

Step 2: Click “Remove Import Data” Button.

Step 3: Check all items and click on Uninstall button.

Uninstall demo content

All – Remove all content.

Pages – Remove pages.

Posts – Remove posts.

Attachments – Remove images.

Products – Remove products.

Builders – Remove templates for header, footer, popup builder and single product builder.

Widgets – Remove sidebar widgets.

Theme Options – Unset theme options.

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