UDesign offers useful quickview functionality that might help you to see product information quickly.

It can be said that quickview is miniature of Single Product Page. It offers convenience to our customers.

With this feature, you don’t have to visit single product page unless you want to see product information in detail.

You can get simple product information from quickview.

And also if there is no qty option in product type, it can be useful to buy products.

When you want to buy more than 3 same products, you have to add this number of times without going to Single Product Page. Even if you go to Single Product Page, it will take some time. And of course, if you finish to add products, you will have to back to shop page again to see other products. How about that?

Maybe you will feel boring a little.

There are 3 types of quickview and also you can choose thumbnails position.

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