Product Attribute Swatches

Beautiful Color and Images Variation Swatches for product attributes

UDesign theme has a swatch function for variable product within it. It offers an aesthetic and professional experience to select attributes for variation products. It turns the product variation select options fields into images and colors. It means with the help of this powerful UDesign Swatches, you can show product variation items in images and colors. So, you can say goodbye to dropdown product attribute fields.

How many swatch types

UDesign provides color and image swatch types. Default is color swatch type. If you want image swatch, go to Theme Options > Features > Advanced Swatch and set Enable Image Swatch toggle.

How can you use it

To set a Color Swatch type or a Image Swatch type of product, your product must be a Variable Product and has corresponding attributes. If those attributes have not been created yet, you first add attributes and terms in Products > Attributes.

Add Product Attribute

In order to add new attributes to your variable products, you must input attribute name and choose display type in woocommerce pages. UDesign supports two major display types: Select box and Image Swatch. Once you click save button, you can see new attribute item in the top right table of screen. Here, you can configure sub items for your attributes.

Feature Image
Products > Attributes > Configure terms > Black

If you have finished adding attributes, you are ready to follow next steps.

  1. To set color and image swatch, navigate to Products > Attributes and set the type as List for all attributes.
Feature Image
  1. Open product edit panel you selected and go to its Product Data. Change the product to Variable Product.
Feature Image
  1. Go to Attributes and add color and size attributes to product with these settings.
Feature Image
  1. Finally, go to Variations and add variation.
Feature Image

You will then get the result like this.

Feature Image

If you enable image swatch types in Theme Options, it is possible to change swatch types color to image.

Go to Product Data > Image Change & Swatch, upload images for each color attribute.

Feature Image

After clicking Save changes button, you can get the result like this.

Feature Image

Thanks to our video support, you know this clearly.

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