About 500 Internal Server Error

In a way to develop with web, you have probably encountered a 500 internal server error. In case of you install WordPressWordPress plugin or any other WordPress themes which you need to develop your site, if the files out of nowhere then you can see 500 internal server error. But never mind. It’s just a generic error and you can find many methods to fixed this error.

Here are some reasons why you meet a 500 internal server error.

Check server configuration

When you encounter the 500 error, check your web server first. Because if your web server is configured with incorrect directives, then it can occur the 500 error. In this case, it’s good way to get your web host to help diagnose and fix the issue.

Conflicting Plugins

It’s possible to getting the 500 error by third party plugins. So if you are getting the 500 error in admin area, just think about plugins. An easy way is rename the plugins folder( /wp-content/plugins ) name to something else like “plugins.old” and this will make WordPress ignore plugins. After that check the 500 error. If it’s resolve the error, then you need to recheck all plugins one by one.

Step1 – Deactivate all of you plugins

Step2 – Activate plugins one by one until you find the 500 error

Step3 – The last plugin is the plugin

Deactivate the plugin which has problem and check the 500 error disappeared. If it doesn’t repeat from Step2.

Corrupt files with errors in code

Sometimes coding errors can occur the 500 error. Some corrupt files are looks have no problems, but they can make the file to be unusable by the server.

The 500 error produced by a file is commonly related to the WordPress .htaccess file. As you know, the .htaccess file is originally designed for custom permalink structures. But there is another way to use .htaccess. It can be used by third party plugin for overriding certain server configuration directives. Then if there is any errors in .htaccess, it can occur the 500 error.

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