GDPR and theme privacy tools

What is GDPR?

GDPR is new framework for data protection laws in Europe, instead of 1995 data protection directive.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

It is well-regulated and offer individual access so owners still more transparent in using of personal data.

GDPR Privacy Tools

With the advent of the GDPR, and privacy policies being strengthened around the world, we have implemented tools to make it easier for you to comply with regulations and offer your clients easy privacy options.

– Set Privacy Consent

You can set privacy consent in UDesign Theme Options. So please navigate to UDesign > Theme Options > Miscellaneous > Privacy Setting (GDPR) and activate show privacy consent info bar. You can reset any privacy consent settings as you want such as privacy policy pagecookie version etc.

– Privacy Bar

After activate privacy consent info bar in Theme Option, you can see under privacy bar which placed at the bottom of selected privacy policy page. With the help of the Privacy Bar options, you will give access to additional options that will help you style and personalize privacy bar.

UDesign does not violate GDPR criteria because it does not collect any data. Then what does UDesign Privacy Policy do is that give our UDesign userbase the implemented tools to ensure that their websites are GDPR compliant. So all company, organization and individual that are processing or controlling datasets of their customers or website visitors will be covered by GDPR, of course it affects business that does have customers who reside in the EU.

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