About Custom Permalinks Return 404 Errors

The HTTP 404 Not Found client error response code indicates that the server can’t find the requested resource.

If you are getting 404 error when accessing pages, it’s not theme issue.

After you install our WordPress Theme and plugin, you cans see a new post type named Template. This new post type offers full site builders such as Header builder, Shop builder, Popup builder and so on. But this post is created dynamically by the theme so you can see 404 error when you build a new header template. In this case, navigate to Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes.

Probably because of WordPress Core or your web server configuration make this error and here are some solutions to resolve 404 error. Please see under solutions to the issue.

  1. First check the webserver allows your .htaccess file to override the server directory configuration and your WordPress .htaccess file is present in your WordPress installation.
  2. Please examine the possibility of navigate from your front page menu links without error.
  3. There will be new directives that sets rewrite rules for your custom permalink option if your .htaccess file is writeable. So check the new directives exist.
  4. In other way if it is not writeable, you will see a message below your permalinks screen which contains the rule set you need to add manually into your .htaccess file. In this case please save it, and upload it back to the WordPress installation folder.
  5. If the 404 error continue long in existence, contact your web host support team for assistance.

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