Post Types Unlimited

Post Types Unlimited plugin provides full functionalities to add or manage various kinds of post types and appropriate taxonomies.

For Example: Building a Real Estate Site.

First, a post type is needed which is capable of property management. How to create a property post type using Post Types Unlimited is the same as follows.

  1. Activate Post Types Unlimited plugin and then you can see Post Types item at the WP Admin Sidebar. Go to Post Types and click Add New Button to add a new custom post type.
Add a new post type
  1. Input data of custom post type and click publish button, then you can see a new item at the left menu named your custom post type’s name.
Input data of post type
  1. Now You can use this post type as same as default post type.
Properties post type

Then, there are other properties needed including ‘featured’, ‘status’, ‘city’, ‘type’ which is able to be realized by taxonomies. How to add taxonomies by Post Types Unlimited is the same as follows.

  1. Go to Post Types > Taxonomies and click Add New to add a new taxonomy.
Create a new taxonomy
  1. Input data of the taxonomy and click publish button.
Input data of a taxonomy

UDesign theme provides compatibility with Post Types Unlimited plugin.

Single page can be implemented with Single Builder. Archive page can be implemented with Archive Builder. In case of making a grid type for an archive page, Essential Grid plugin is recommended in UDesign.

Now, We can create contents of single and archive pages and then set the layout of them using Page Layouts Panel as following image.

Set the Properties Layout

In UDesign, you can create and setup your own site with your own layout made by DND(drag and drop) from the beginning to the end without coding knowledge with the help of Post Types Unlimited.

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