As you know, many pages contain common template in one website such as header, footer and etc.

Then, should you build all common templates in each page?

Of course not. If you build these common templates using full site builder, you don’t have to waste your time.

What is UDesign Template Builder?

UDesign offers full site builder which enables you to build header, footer, block, single product, shop, etc as well as page using Elementor and Gutenberg.

Full site builder is a set of builders that constitute a page.

This helps you build your whole website by only drag and drop elements without any programming skills.

You can manage your templates at UDesign > Templates on WP Admin sidebar.

There are block, header, footer, product and shop builders.

Why UDesign Template Builder?

Here are 3 reasons why UDesign Template Builder is useful:

  1. You can build any parts of your site faster and more flexible by DND(drag and drop) with Elementor page builder.
  2. Comes with various pre-built templates.
  3. Dozen of builder elements with full-bodied options are ready for you.

What types of template builder does UDesign offer?

UDesign offers 11 types of template builders – Block Builder, Header Builder, Footer Builder

By using these builders, you can build your website more easily and faster.


*Note: Before creating some of full site builders, you have to install WOOCOMMERCE PLUGIN.

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