How To Build The Mini Type Of The Custom Post Type

Mini Type Builder is used to build any post layout types easily and also you can build webpages using them.

Before getting started how to build a mini type of the custom post type, you need to know about why a mini type of the custom post type is needed.

It aims to build a post type easily. In other words, it means that you don’t need to build a post type from scratch.

You can import a post type which was already made and build or customize it as you want.

Then let’s see how to build the mini type of the custom post type.

Step 1 – Go to UDesign > Template Builder.

Step 2 – Click Add New Template button on top of page.

Step 3 – In New UDesign Template Modal, select Block Builder in “Template Type” field. And give your block’s name in “Template Name” field.

Step 4 – Please click UDesign Studio button.

Step 5 – Please choose post type from studio library.

Step 6 – In doing so, you can build or change custom post type in your own way.

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