What is Optimize Wizard?

With the help of this amazing optimization tools, you can make your website faster and improve performance. You can use these optimization tools at UDesign > Optimize Wizard. By using this optimizer you can reduce web page resources like js/css files and remove unused default settings to make your site in high state of speed and performance.

This Optimize Wizard introduced to optimize all unnecessary resources for your site. Many optimize settings are added by asking customers – they use certain features from our UDesign features.

Step 1. Resources

In this step, you can reduce unnecessary resources and default settings. Also make critical css and file compression to improve performance and speed. More Detail

Step 2. Lazyload

It will make lazyloading images to improve performance and get better speed. Pre Loading improves page loading time as the browser caches preloaded resources.

Step 3. Performance

There are several kinds of optimization possibilities, and by using all of them you can improve performance and make your site in super-speed.

Step 4. Plugins

Now your website is optimized far more before, and to achieve better performance you can set helpful recommend plugins or unset unnecessary installed plugins.

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