Lazy Loading

This will help you make your site faster by lazyloading images and contents. Here, we offer 4 types of lazyload and it would be helpful to improve your performance.

Set lazy loading options in optimize wizard.

Lazy load images

Lazy loading images is to load only current need images. All the other images which not placed in the viewport are not loaded at first time. Then as you scrolls up or down and more images come into view, you can see well-loaded images. All image resources will be lazyloaded so that page’s loading speed gets faster.

If you have any compability problems, just skip this option.

Lazy Load sceen of single product

Lazy load menus

Menus will be lazyloaded and cached in browsers for faster load.
Cached menus will be updated after they have been changed or customizer panel has been saved.

Skeleton screen

Instead of real content, skeleton is used to enhance speed of page loading and makes it more beautiful. After whole page loaded, you can see well-loaded content. To make your site more faster and raise the quality, check this option.

Skelection of shop

Enable web font loader

Using Web Font Loader, you can enhance page loading speed by about 4 percent in Google PageSpeed Insights for both mobile and desktop.

After check all optimizers, click Save & Continue to set lazyload settings. Or you don’t need it, just click Skip this step.

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