Optimize Resources

After you have finished development, please run this wizard.

Optimize unused resources

As you can see there are 5 resource optimizers and all of theme help you – make site faster and get high performance.

This Optimize Resource eliminate unnecessary resources to increase your site. Also you can disable unused WordPress default scripts and it will improve your site performance. You can reduces the request countcache files and reduce rendering time to increase speed, and you can do this by just check one. If you don’t need our offer features like template builders, you can disable things as you want. Easily way to get super-speed and maximum performance.

After check all optimizers, click Compile & Continue to optimize unnecessary resources. Or you don’t need it, just click Skip this step.

Check Merge javascripts and stylesheets in file compression and click Compile.

Before Optimize 184 resources requests

After Optimize only 112 resources requests

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