Site Speed Up

1. Common Reasons of a Slow Site

There are several possible reasons for a site to show slow performance, and we are going to share exactly how to speed up your WordPress site.

  • Choose performance optimized web hosting.

First of all, you definitely want a host that offers PHP 7+. PHP 7+ offers massive performance improvements over the old version of PHP 5. We recommend using A2 Hosting or Blue Host for all your hosting needs..

  • Use Content Delivery Network(CDN)

CDNs(Content Delivery Network) are great to reduce TTFB(theoretically). By offloading bandwidth to their data centers, you’re lightening the load on your server which should improve it’s TTFB.

  • Clean up your database

A thorough database cleanup can help reduce TTFB in WordPress. You can clean database using WordPress plugin such as WP-Optimize.  WP-Optimize lets you go through your actual plugin tables and deletes tables left behind by old plugins you previously deleted.

*Note: Please backup your database before doing this.

  • Delete unused Themes & Plugins

If you have many installed and activated plugins and themes that are not actually used, they can increase your TTFB. Please remove themes and plugins that you are not using.

  • Configure Solid Cache plugin

Using proper cache plugins can help you and your site speed up. Please read our blog here.

  • Block unwanted Bots.

Have you checked your Wordfence live traffic report? Please check it and block all of the spam bots hitting your site. Spam bots increase CPU usage of your machine by hitting again and again.

2. UDesign Speed Optimize Wizard

UDesign theme offers you a tool to help improving site speed.

You can decrease the size of resources that are loaded in your web page and improve rendering speed by using UDesign Speed Optimization Wizard. For more information about UDesign Speed Optimization Wizard, please read our article here

3. Useful Plugins to Improve Site Speed

Page caching using useful plugins is the holy grail about speeding up WordPress site. We recommend below plugins to cache your page.

  • WP-Rocket
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • Fast Velocity Minify

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