Thank you for your visiting our Wolmart Documentation. This is where you start to know what Wolmart Wordpress Marketplace theme is and what you should know to use Wolmart. We pointed all necessary information that…

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WordPress Information

To make theme working on your host, you need to have working version of Wordpress already installed. Please make sure that you have always running Wordpress of latest version on your server. If not, it…

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About Theme License

When purchase and download wolmart from Themeforest, you can choose either Regular License and Extended License. All of billing, terms and license policy is totally handled by themeforest. If you want to learn more about…

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Site Speed Up

There are several possible causes for a site to show slow performance, and we are going to share exactly how to speed up your wordpress site. Choose performance optimized web hosting. First off, you definitely…

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How to Download Wolmart ThemeHow to Update Wolmart ThemeHow to Update PluginsHow to Install via FTPHow to Install via WordPressHow to show popup on button clicks?How to use Wolmart Studio block to build your own…

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