Featured Image

Featured Image block is important to build a mini type post. It is a main block which can show your post content visually.

How to create Featured Image block?

Step 1 – Please click plus button and you can search Featured Image block. If you want to see all blocks, please click Browse all button.

Step 2 – Please configure the Featured Image block as you want.

Step 3 – After you have finished your configuration, don’t forget to save all changes.

Block Options

Image Type: You can choose the image type.

Image Hover Effect: You can choose an image hover effect.

Show Content on hover: You can choose to show or hide the inner blocks on hover.

Show Product Badges: You can choose to show or hide the badges such as hot, sale, new, etc. This is only applied to products.

Add Link to Image: You can set a link to the image.

Image Size: You can choose the image size.

Hover Content: You can set the styles of hover content as you want.

Style Options: You can set styles as you want.

Advanced: You can add an additional class to the Featured Image block.

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