Title Element

The title Element offers you great headings. Yon can select any heading tag from H1 through H6, and there are a various kinds of styling settings.

The important aspect of Riode Title Element is that you can edit dynamic content with it. notes: If you choose “Dynamic Content”, your title would be dynamic title. When you are building Page Title Bar Block, you can make Page Title with this function.

Please go to Title Element Page to see how it shows for a visual overview.

How To Use The Title Element

Step 1. Create, or choose the Column you want to add Element into. Click on Add New Element.

Step 2. Select Riode Heading from the Element List.

Step 3. Fill with your text.

step 4. Next step is to design your title with title settings.

step 5. Once you have finished configuring your options, click save.

Element Content Options

Content – Controls your title mode. Default mode is Custom Text mode. And other mode is Dynamic Content.

Title – Fills your title with text. notes: If you want to show current year, you can use this short code with your text. ex:Trend 2022

HTML Tag – Controls your title’s HTML tag.

Decoration Type – Choosing your decoration type for your title. There are Simple, Cross and Underline options.

Title Align – Controls your title alignment.

Show Link? – If you want add link, just check this option. And then, fill with your custom url.

Link Url – Types your title link’s url.

Link Label – Types your title link’s text.

Icon – Choose your icon from library.

Icon Position – Controls your title link’ icon’s position.

Icon Spacing(px) – Select your title link’s icon’s space.

Icon Size(px) – Decides your title link’s icon size.

Link Align – Controls your title link’s icon’s position.

Link Space – Selects your title link’s space.

Element Style Options

Title Box– Controls your title’s spacing, color and typography.

Link Box – Controls your title’s link’s typography and color.

Border Box – Controls your title’s border color, border active color and border height.