Riode Menu Options

Riode offers you these menu options – megamenu, menu labels, menu item background, no link and so on. Let’s see Riode Menu Options one by one through setting up sample menu.

How to use Megamenu

Step 1. Add menu item to your menu. We call this Menu Ancestor. You will see this word when you are working with menus and menu skins.

Step 2. Please fill your megamenu option. Insert megamenu width and choose megamenu position.

Menu Image

Step 3. Target megamenu has 3 columns, so please add 3 custom links and move them to children of menu ancestor. These menu items are not visible and used only for dividing megamenu columns.

Create Menu

Step 4. Please add menu items like in creating simple menu to the first and second column.

Create Menu
How to use Block

Step 5. Please build a simple banner block, add custom menu to third column and select banner block.

Create Menu
How to use menu labels

Step 6. Add some labels to megemenu items.

Create Menu

Step 7. – After that, please save all changes.

Create Menu