Advanced Options

You can change these options in Theme Option / Advanced .

1. Theme Features

Image Lazyload – enables to lazyload all image resources to improve page loading speed.

Image Lazyload Initial Color – controls initial background color of lazyloading images.

Menu Lazylaod – enables to lazyload menus. Lazyloaded menus will be saved in clients’ local storages and never be loaded again for faster performance, and they will be updated when menu has been changed.

Live Search – enables search boxes to show instant, quick and live search results in below dropdown.

Skeleton Screen – shows beautiful skeleton screen instead of preloading icon before loading content in all archive pages, single pages, quickview popup and any other ajax loading.

Social Login – enables to login with social network’s account. You need to activate Nextend Social Login plugin.

Show Elementor Guide – shows/hides elementor guide when you are going to elementor edit page for the first time. This guide would tell you elementor add-ons which Riode provides including Custom CSS & JS, Template Import and display conditions.

2. Image Sizes

Sometimes WordPress and other plugins’ supporting image sizes are not competent to your demand. Riode enables you to register new image size and use it for displaying images.

Image Size – registers new image size with width and height.

Important Note
Do not forget to regenerate previously uploaded images.

3. Import / Export / Reset

Import – import theme options from a specific file. Input source path filename and click import button.

Export – export theme options to a specific file. Input destination path filename and click export button.

Reset – reset theme options.

Important Note
Once you have import or reset theme options, they are not available to restore. So before doing it, make sure that you have exported current theme options.