22 Dec 2023

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2024: Where is the best place to trade?

The digital coin market is developing at a rapid pace, attracting the attention of even more investors. Therefore, people who are thinking about investing in cryptocurrency diligently study all aspects of such a process, including how to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange from the wide variety available on the market. In such a process, it is important to analyze the functional and technical capabilities of the crypto platform, study its history, and also compare working conditions with other services.

Merehead – cryptocurrency exchange development company, so its experts know everything about the process of choosing the best platform for trading digital assets. Merehead experts shared information about the TOP 7 crypto exchanges in 2024, which are worth considering as a reliable partner for performing various operations with cryptocurrency.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the growth in popularity of cryptocurrency after 2021 gradually begins to grow.

The Google Trend chart shows that interest in cryptocurrencies is attracting more and more investors. This is due to the increase in the cost of Bitcoin and altcoins. Considering that along with this the number of traders is increasing, let’s consider the most interesting crypto exchanges on the market.

Binance – one of the largest and most famous crypto exchanges

Binance has been operating in the cryptocurrency market since 2017, and during this period it has established itself as one of the largest platforms. This centralized crypto exchange offers users more than 960 trading pairs, therefore attracting the attention of many crypto investors. At the moment, Binance is the undisputed leader in many rankings in terms of trading volumes.

The amount of commission for performing financial transactions is set for all users individually. It depends directly on the volume of trading operations and the number of virtual assets in the internal account. It is important to remember that some digital coins on the exchange have restrictions on withdrawal amounts, and there is also a commission for withdrawing them from the system.

WhiteBIT – ideal service for new crypto investors

This cryptocurrency exchange began its activities in 2018. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the platform offers its own users the opportunity to study the features of the cryptocurrency market and methods of making money on virtual assets. WhiteBIT has developed a DEMO token, with the help of which new crypto investors can understand the peculiarities of the functioning of the market and practice performing trading operations without risking their own finances.

The standard commission amount for 1 transaction is 0.1% of the amount of the completed transaction. Reduced rates are offered for certain instruments, for example, when using credit funds in the process of margin trading, the commission is 0.098%.

WhiteBIT offers users an extensive list of instruments for margin, spot, and basic trading. In addition, clients of the site get access to the P2P platform and services for asset conversion and staking.

Bybit – progressive opportunities for lovers of stability

The launch of this cryptocurrency exchange was carried out in the spring of 2018. Bybit is a completely Russified platform, which today is included in the list of crypto market leaders in terms of trading volumes. This service differs significantly from other crypto exchanges in its stability – over the entire period of its existence, even during times of significant load, the site has not encountered catastrophic technical failures or problems.

The company developing the cryptocurrency exchange Bybit paid special attention to the contact of users with the administration of the resource. The close relationship between the site’s representatives and their own audience provides the opportunity to develop the crypto exchange as efficiently as possible, taking into account the expectations and requests of crypto market participants. It is especially valuable that the developers take into account the opinion of crypto investors in the process of adding new coins and tokens to the listing.

In addition, Bybit supports working with a variety of crypto derivatives, so platform users have access to tools that allow them to organize cloud mining and other modern high-tech solutions.

Phemex – secure and high-speed crypto exchange

This crypto exchange strives to become the most reliable platform for trading transactions with various crypto derivatives in the world. The official website of this exchange states that Phemex offers its clients more efficient functionality, a customer-centric approach and the highest level of fault tolerance. It is important to note that over the entire period, the company developing the cryptocurrency exchange did not record a single episode of freezing of the platform’s servers.

Phemex users have access to more than 37 digital coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge and many other assets with minimal fees. The cryptocurrency exchange became one of the first platforms that offered its clients the opportunity to carry out trading operations on the crypto market on spot with 0 fee.

CoinEX – universal trading platform with its own ecosystem

The cryptocurrency exchange development company presented this platform in 2017. A distinctive feature of CoinEX is the widest selection of instruments (more than 350 trading pairs) for crypto investors. To trade, users will need to register using e-mail. The process itself takes just a few minutes, which is a significant advantage for many users.

The crypto exchange has its own ecosystem, which also includes a mining pool, ViaWallet (multi-currency wallet), CoinEx (open network). Clients of this platform are reliably protected from any actions of attackers using several security barriers, including two-factor authentication.

Bitfinex – exchange that was not broken by the largest hacker attack

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since 2012, and its key areas are margin trading, exchange trading, and margin financing. The development company is quite actively working on the implementation of various technical solutions, such as a service for automated detection of suspicious transactions, staking of digital coins and much more.

Crypto exchange users are offered more than 290 trading pairs. Commission fees are set for clients based on their trading volumes, so the more active trading is, the lower the commission for such transactions.

In the summer of 2016, the exchange suffered a hacker attack, as a result of which scammers took possession of more than 119 thousand Bitcoins. Nevertheless, today many users continue to trust this platform, noting its convenient functionality and impressive selection of trading pairs.

OKEx – platform with fairly aggressive marketing

The cryptocurrency exchange was introduced to users in 2014. This project has its own personal OKB token, and the developers do not plan to stop there, as the company continues to work on developing a variety of trading solutions and its own blockchain.

OKEx clients get access to more than 530 trading pairs. You can purchase digital coins on the platform using fiat currency. Thanks to an impressive selection of instruments, the crypto exchange is ranked 15th in the CoinMarketCap rating. The size of the commission depends directly on the volume of transactions performed: the higher, the less commission the client pays.

Another advantage of the service is the opportunity to undergo specialized training. Crypto exchange specialists also implemented the OKExProjectInfo service, a platform for initial exchange offerings, as well as tools for public trading of BTC options.

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