Add Images Anywhere

We can not think about a site without images. You might get the benefit of our Image Gallery Element for making incredible gallerys briefly.

Group Image Uploads

The Image Gallery Element allows you to make awesome photo galleries in a second. For image uploads, just several mouse clicks are enough.

Image Gallery Element
Image Gallery Element
Image Gallery Element
Block Element

Fixed or Auto Image Size

The Image Gallery Element allows you to treat your images easily and freely. If you want to arrange your images with same size, just one click is enough.

Grid Layout

The Image Gallery Element provides you a Grid Layout. The Grid Layout allows you to set Image Full Width option( images might have same width and height ).

Awesome Slides

The Slider Layout is perfect for showcasing a bundle of images, famous brands, client logos and much more. Massive slider options follow it.

Creative Grid Options

The Creative Grid Layout allows you to change gallery layouts in any way. This layout is based on Grid Display Mode and you might feel flexible and free.

Change Grid Layout

If you make your mind to build your own gallery layouts, then Creative Layout option is yours.

Image Gallery Element
Image Gallery Element

Choose Fit Image Size

Different images have different image sizes. It is very important to choose fit image size for optimization.

Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to make beautiful image galleries by means of various layouts like Grid, Slider and Creative layout and customize options.

Element Options
  • Image – Uploads certain images you want to show in your gallery.
  • Image Size – Select fit image size with your certain image.
  • Caption – Select caption content which will be shown under image.
  • Layout – Select certain layout of your gallery: Grid, Slider, Creative.
  • Columns – Controls number of columns to display.
  • Columns Spacing – Controls amount of spacing between columns.
Element Options
  • Image Full Width – Expand image size to fit a gallery layout.
  • Vertical Align – Choose from top, middle, bottom and stretch in slider layout.
  • Creative Layout Presets – Choose from 9 supported presets.
  • Customize Grid Items – Add any grid item indexes with rules to determine width and height. Customers could also change each item’s product type.
  • Different Row Height – Make base creative grid item’s height to their own.