Wolmart Awesome Floating Effects

Wolmart provides 32+ awesome floating effects to decorate your site beautifully and surprisingly. Each floating effect has its own special.


Special Feeling With Mouse Move

The mouse tracking effect is one of specials. Through below examples, you can deeply understand mouse tracking options.

Surprising Appearance With Scroll

The scroll effect is another special. In this section, you may feel this effect deeply and realize the differences between several options spontaneously.

All Elements are Available

We embedded these awesome effects into all elements. It means that you are able to make any part of your site track your mouse or transform differently.


If you use the Elementor Page Builder, you will notice that every element has Wolmart Options tab. So you click that, then you will see Floating Effects panel. Here, you can choose any effect you want.

Please use our awesome effects!



If you are building your site with the WPBakery Page Builder, you can use the Element Wrapper element which we have developed in advance to wrap any element and of course set any floating effect.

Please use our awesome effects!

More Awesome Effects

Floating effects we provide are countless and attractive. Each effect has its own uniqueness. Here, we are going to show rest of them. Please choose one of them as quick as you can.

Transform Effects

Fade In Effects

Fade Out Effects

Rotate Effects

Zoom In Effects

Zoom Out Effects

And Much More

Element Options Glossary

Here comes list of all options from our element with explanation in detail. This could probably
help you to find out what each option is for.

Element Options
  • Floating Effects – Add one or more effects from effects list.
  • Direction – Set effect direction e.g. fade in or fade out.
  • Speed – Set your effect speed.
  • Viewport – Set effect affecting viewport. Top ~ Bottom means effect ends when its bottom reaches top of screen. Default is Center that ends when its center reaches center of screen.
Element Options
  • Enable Relative – Enables to move object in fullscreen or its parent object.
  • Direction – Enables to move object in opposite direction of mouse move.
  • Speed – Controls speed of floating object while mouse is moving.