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Create website forms using
WPForms lite

UDesign used WPForms Lite as a Form builder by its convenience and functionality. Here are 10 standard fields you commonly used in WPForm.

Without coding knowledge

Use prebuilt newsletter suggestion contact form

WPForms Lite Element gives you the ability to design and build any layout for your forms, even if you have no coding skills. Just use our Element and Enjoy with it!

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Add your form wherever you want

UDesign WPForm Element lets you add your WPForms simply into any part of you page. Please add forms anywhere it is needed.

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Enjoy dozens of styles

Ready made form styles

We provide 3 types of forms as default like below. You can choose favorite one from our list or design on your own using enough styling options

Default style

Grey style

Floating style


WPForm element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Form – Select Form from prebuilt forms.
  • Form Name – Enable to show or hide WPForm name.
  • Form Description – Enable to show or hide WPForm description.
  • Label Typography – Control the typography of form label.
  • Floating Label – Set the floating animation for label when the form focused.
  • Size – Control the space of form textbox.
  • Form Typography – Control the typography of form text.
  • Color – Control the color of Form text.
  • Background Color – Control the background color of form textbox.
  • Rounded Border – Enable rounded border for form textbox.
  • Typography – Control the typography of form submit button.