Use search anywhere in your website

Search means finding information. UDesign Search element gives you ability to get data quickly and effortlessly into the powerhouse of information.

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Classic type

This element supports two types - classic & toggle. Classic type is a simple one that customers could often see across our websites.

Toggle type

From 3 instances below, you can get the idea what is search toggle type and how it can be used within a website. Enjoy our search element.


Search Image


Search Image


Search Image

Search options galore

Element provides you vast array of styling options to create any search type as you want. You have all of the options that control the width, height etc.

Search Image

Search width

This option is to control the width of search box. This value is for max-width.

Search Image

Search results content

This option is to select the search content of element.

Search height

This option is to control the height of search box. Just try!


Search element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Type – Choose a search type from 2 default types.
  • Placeholder – Input a placeholder text.
  • Search Icon – Choose your favorite icon from library as a search icon.
  • Search Width – Control the width of search box.
  • Search Height – Control the height of search box.
  • Background Color – Control the background color of search box.
  • Border Width – Control the border width of search box.
  • Typography – Control the typography of search input field.
  • Color – Control text color of input field.
  • Button Icon Size – Control icon size of search button.
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