State for Page Scrolling

There are 2 methods to show the state of page scrolling, horizontal progress bar & around the scroll to top button. You will see how this element is useful for your page.


Style Options Galore

UDesign scrollbar is the perfect element to show a lot of information as several groupsin a small area. Enjoy the Accordion Element.


Select Type

Which type will you use? Please choose your favourite type for imagebox.


Select Position

Where will you display scroll progressbar? Please choose the position your want.


Scroll Progressbar Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Thickness: Control the height of bar.
  • Border Radius: Control the border radius of bar.
  • Bar Color: Control the background color of bar.
  • Active Bar Color: Control the background color of active bar.
  • Select Icon: Select icon for scroll to top button.
  • Size: Control the size of button.
  • Offset X: Input for horizontal position of button.
  • Offset Y: Input for vertical position of button.
  • Icon Size: Control the button icon size.