Show Off Your Product Categories

Each category includes many similar products. So, it's more efficient to show categories than many products on your site.

Category Image

4 Category Types To Select

4 types of categories are provided by this element. Each has its own special features comparing with others. Enjoy!

Default Type

Banner Type

Circle Type

Boxed Type


Category Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Select Category: Choose your categories.
  • Filter Products: Toggle to filter products.
  • Filter Products in Shop: Toggle to filter products in shop page.
  • Show Subcategories: Toggle to show subcategories.
  • Hide Empty: Toggle to hide empty categories.
  • Category Count: Control number of categories.
  • Order By: Choose order item.
  • Order Way: Choose order way.
  • Follow Theme Option: Toggle to decide whether you use product type which is set in theme option or not.
  • Category Style Option: Styling options for category content.
  • Category Name Option: Styling options for category name.
  • Product Count Style: Styling options for product counts.
  • Button Style: Styling options for button.