UDesign posts grid

Using out Posts Grid, you can array the posts, products, portfolios and etc.. in various ways


Post grid options

Element provides all things you need to customize. You can change filter post type, filter type and filter area freely.


Select post type, description

Please choose the type of the posts that you are going to array.


Select layout, description

This option is to select the layout of the Post Grid. There are grid, slider, creative grid.


Choose the ajax filter, description

If you want to use the filter, please see this option.

Choose one among the following styles

There are 4 default types; grid, slider, creative grid and ajax filter gird. Please choose any you like.



Post grid element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Post Layout: Choose the type of the post
  • Post Type: Choose the kind of the posts.
  • Taxonomy: Select the categories.
  • Count: Determine the number of the posts to be displayed.
  • Order: Determine the order of the posts to be displayed.
  • View: Determine the layout.
  • Image size: Select the size of the image to be displayed.
  • Columns Spacing: Gap between the posts.
  • Filter by category: Select on to use the filter functions.
  • Filter typography: Type the filter content.