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4 Portfolio types to select

There are 4 various types to display portfolios. Each has 2 buttons to open image lightbox and link to the portfolio.

Default type

List type

Gallery type

Classic type


Portfolio element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Select Portfolios: Choose portfolios by name.
  • Select Categories: Choose portfolios by category.
  • Select Skills: Choose portfolios by skill.
  • Portfolio Count: Control portfolio count.
  • Order By: Choose order item.
  • Order Way: Choose order way.
  • Layout: Choose portfolio layout.
  • Image Size: Choose image size of portfolios.
  • Columns: Control columns on responsive.
  • Columns Spacing: Choose spacing between columns.
  • Load More: Choose way to load more portfolios.
  • Follow Theme Option: Toggle to decide whether you use product type which is set in theme option or not.
  • Alignment: Control horizontal alignment of portfolio content.
  • Custom Excerpt: Option to control length of excerpt.
  • Read More Label: Input text for button of portfolio.

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Elements Image
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