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Mostly all pages contain images in its content. UDesign Image Gallery element is perfect for showcasing a set of images so you can build more attractive and stunning sites.

Gallery Image

Image Gallery Options Galore

The offering customization options give you to select layouts, full control column spacing as well as adjusting the image alignment. Let's try once.

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Select Layouts

Which layout will you use? Please choose your layout for images.

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Control Spacing

Choose spacing between images will be used in image gallery.

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It's possible to control the vertical alignment of images.

Build for Professional

Custom Image Galleries

The three examples below show you 3 default layouts supported by UDesign Image Gallery Element. If you mind these layouts, then begin to customize with element options. It's up to you.

Grid & 2 Columns

Slider & Extra Spacing Column

Creative Grid Layout


Image Gallery Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Image Size: Choose your image size.
  • Layout: Choose your layout of images.
  • Enable Popup: Allow you to use image popup.
  • Columns: Control the number of items in breakpoints.
  • Columns Spacing: Control the spacing between images.
  • Vertical Align: Control the vertical alignment of images.
  • Image Full Width: Make the width of image as 100% in it’s area.
  • Hover Effect: Choose your image overlay effect on hover.
  • Caption: Select text you want to show as caption.
  • Max Width: Control the maximum width of images.
  • Border Radius: Control the curve size of images in it’s corner.