Image comparison

You might not have noticed the differences between two similar images before. But you will be able to detect even the slightest differences relying on our elements.

Comparison ImageComparison Image

Label settings

Element gives you powerful options to change style of lables as well as position. You can also enable labels to show or hide. See examples below.

Label centered

Comparison ImageComparison Image

Label top & bottom

Comparison ImageComparison Image

Handle type to choose

There are 6 types of handle from Simple to Diamond. You can choose anything among of 6 types and each one decorate your website beautifully.


Comparison Image


Comparison Image


Comparison Image


Comparison Image


Comparison Image


Comparison Image

Control motion & handle offset

There are 3 ways to control the motion of handle by default, Drag, Drag & Click and Hover. Choose anyone you want.


Comparison ImageComparison Image

Drag & Click

Comparison ImageComparison Image


Comparison ImageComparison Image
Comparison Image

You can make

awesome image compare

Extensive styling options for Image Comparison are ready. Everything is perfect to assure your customization.

  • Give radius effects.
  • Control size and color of handle.
  • Control styles of label.
  • Give shadow effect.


Image comparison element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Before Image Label: Input label for first image.
  • Before Image: Input first image.
  • After Image Label: Input label for second image.
  • After Image: Input second image.
  • Image Size: Choose the size of images.
  • Show Labels: Toggle to decide whether label is shown or not.
  • Label Position: Choose position of label.
  • Direction: Decide direction of handle.
  • Handle Type: Choose your handle.
  • Handle Control: Decide how to control handle.
  • Handle Offset: Control first position of handle.
  • Border Radius: Control curve size of image in its corner.
  • Handle Size: Control width of handle.
  • Handle Color: Control color of handle.
  • Handle Background Color: Control background color of handle.
  • Box Shadow: Control shadow effect of handle.
  • Text Color: Control color of labels.
  • Typography: Styling options for labels.