Image accordion

Image with Elementor Flexbox Container. You will make your website more efficiently.

Image Accordion Image

Element options galore

Choose Image Accordion active behavior & direction and add items you want. There is no limit for your creativity. Enjoy Image Accordion Element.

Option Image

Active behavior

This option is to select action for active item.

Option Image


This option is to select the items arrangement direction.

Option Image


This option is to insert items for accordion.

Choose one out of many styles

Choose your favorite type, set the proper image size and shape, select charming hover effect. There is no limit for your creativity. Enjoy the imageBox Element.

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Image accordion element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Active Behavior: Select mouse event to active each image.
  • Direction: Select accordion direction.
  • Height: Control height of images.
  • Hover Item Size: Control hover image size.