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Icons are essential for building any site. UDesign provides you an Icon Library by itself. It also offers you flexible and useful icon element.

Give you control over
Icon colors, background and icon border

We provide you various color control options. You can control not only the icon color, but also the icon's border and background color.

Full background

You can change background color of stacked icon as you like.

Border color

You can change border color of framed icon as you like.

Control color

You can change color of icon as you like. Just try it.


Icon element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Icon – Select a certain icon you want to display in your page. You can upload any icon from the library which has Fontawesome icons and Udesign icons or any SVG from the library.​
  • View – Controls the display type of your icon. There are 3 types like Default , Stacked and Framed.​
  • Link – Type the certain URL you want to link through. Please refer link options.​
  • Alignment – Determine the alignment of your icon.​
  • Primary Color – Controls the icon color.
  • Secondary Color – Controls the icon’s background color.
  • Size – Controls the icon size.
  • Padding – Controls the padding of icon wrap.
  • Rotate – Controls the angle of rotate effect.
  • Border Width – Controls the border width of the icon wrap.
  • Border Radius – Controls the border radius of the icon wrap.