Display content intuitively

Using UDesign Hotspot element, you can provide a visual understanding about your work to visitors and advertise your products intuitively.


Hotspot Image


Hotspot Image


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Green Jujube

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Big Nut

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Hotspot Image

How to use our Hotspot Element

You can show more information on a single image by using our element. Please refer to the next following notice.

  • Choose an icon to be shown in the spot.
  • Controls position of the spot
  • Edit hotspot content.
  • Controls the style of hotspot and content.


Hotspot Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Icon: Choose icon to use hotspot in icon library.
  • Horizontal: Contro horizontal position of hotspot.
  • Vertical: Control vertical position of hotspot.
  • Hotspot Effect: Choose hotspot type.
  • Custom Class: Input class for hotspot.
  • Type: Choose type of hotspot content.
  • Popup Position: Choose position of popup.
  • Hotspot Size: Control size of hotspot.
  • Icon Size: Control size of hotspot icon.
  • Border Radius: Control curve size of hotspot in its corner.
  • Hotspot Color: Control color of hotspot.
  • Hotspot Background Color: Control background color of hotspot.
  • Width: Control popup width.
  • Popup Color: Control color of popup.
  • Popup Background Color: Control background color of popup.