10 Highlight types to Choose

Highlight is quick and nifty element to help customers capturing the main point of long sentences. Enjoy our Highlight Element.


Fill HighlightType in UDesign


CircleType in UDesign

Underline Zigzag

Underline ZigzagType in UDesign


CurlyType in UDesign

Cross X

Cross XType in UDesign


LinethroughType in UDesign


UnderlineType in UDesign


DoubleType in UDesign

Double Underline

Double UnderlineType in UDesign


DiagonalType in UDesign

Highlight Image

Highlight Color Option

Please make highlight text using bundle options. It's easy to use, but very useful!

  • Highlight Color
  • Height
  • Text Color


Highlight Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Content Text – Input any text here.
  • Highlight – Enable this text to use as highlight text.
  • Text Color – Control highlight text color.
  • Text Hover Color – Control highlight text hover color.
  • Highlight Color – Control highlight color.
  • Height – Control highlight height.
  • Line Break – Enable this text placing on whole line or not.
  • HTML Tag – Choose proper html tag for whole text.
  • Alignment – Control the alignment of text.
  • Typography – Control typography of whole text.
  • Text Shadow – Control text shadow.
  • Blend Mode – Add some blending mode for text.