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Highlight is quick and nifty element to help customers capturing the main point of long sentences. Enjoy our Highlight Element.

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Highlight Image

Highlight Color Option

Please make highlight text using bundle options. It's easy to use, but very useful!

  • Highlight Color
  • Height
  • Text Color


Highlight Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Content Text – Input any text here.
  • Highlight – Enable this text to use as highlight text.
  • Text Color – Control highlight text color.
  • Text Hover Color – Control highlight text hover color.
  • Highlight Color – Control highlight color.
  • Height – Control highlight height.
  • Line Break – Enable this text placing on whole line or not.
  • HTML Tag – Choose proper html tag for whole text.
  • Alignment – Control the alignment of text.
  • Typography – Control typography of whole text.
  • Text Shadow – Control text shadow.
  • Blend Mode – Add some blending mode for text.